2018 – The Year of Transformation and Growth

2017 brought a number of things to a close for us – it was a time of endings, releasing and letting go of much of the old. We’ve experienced so much change in the world; globally and locally. 2017 has been a clearing of the slate; laying the foundation for something new and although everything is still uncertain, you can now begin to open up to the new. You may have been like a pupa in a chrysalis, feeling massive shifts of transformation, often painful, scary and confusing. You’ve been laying the foundation from which a butterfly can emerge.

2018 – the year of radical transformation and rapid growth – the kind of radical change that the caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. Now, the butterfly may not be quite ready to emerge. It may have to strengthen its wings as part of continuous systematic foundational work before it can take off and expand. It may have to experiment, explore and experience much to familiarise itself with its new form. There are new possibilities and potential to tap; a new power and purpose to fulfil. You may have to be practical to anchor in your growth because even though it may still be unclear, what you are becoming is truly magnificent.

At Bright Future Now, we have developed key themes and focus areas for 2018 to enable your journey of unfoldment so you have the structure and power to boldly step into your true purpose this year:

Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth

Transformation has always been our focus. This year we are geared to use the magic of transformational therapy and coaching to dramatically accelerate your transformation and growth. We have refined a program over the years that perfectly covers every essential step on your path of growth. Firstly, we clear up and heal the past. This means releasing all negative emotions, dealing with the baggage that we’ve accumulated and changing our unhelpful patterns. Secondly, we release any limiting beliefs, focus on confidence-building and adopting empowering self-belief. Then you are ready to step into your true power and purpose. You can create 2018 and beyond as your time to unfold, shine and thrive by means of purposeful intention-setting and visualisation. The complete process on the path of transformation and growth is described here and the new Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth Program we will run in February may be just where you want to start.

Evolving Through Mastering the Art of Relationships

Our relationships with others, mirror our primary relationship – with ourselves. Through relationships we evolve and learn more about ourselves. To master the art of relationships, we have to deepen our understand of the deep psychology of perceptions and how we project our own perceptions onto others. What you see in others is who you are yourself (what you like and don’t like). We are always looking in a mirror. When we challenge and change our perceptions, everything and everyone around us begins to change in a real magical way. If our views of reality are only a perception and everything we perceive outside of us is a projection from inside of us, then it’s time to really take charge of our perceptions. It seems much easier to blame others and wanting them to change. Taking responsibility for your own perceptions and embarking on the great inner work is real empowerment and true self-mastery.


This year we are delighted to introduce a new course for those who have been on the path of personal transformation for a while now. You may have advanced on your journey of personal development and growth and may feel ready for further refinement. We’ve decided to roll this out as a Meditation Course – an 8-Step Journey of Empowerment through mastery of mind, body, energy, emotions and soul. You will experience the secret principles and practices that the masters have known for eons and new science is just beginning to reveal. You can now take charge of your life as your own master and become more of your true magnificent self here on Earth.

Healing the Fearful Ego

A continued main theme of our work is recognising the suffering-creating programs of the ego, overcoming fears and working towards wholeness. Fears are often the result of hurtful experiences of the past. Perhaps this year we will find a way to forgive our past, forgive the pain and accept more love in our hearts and in our relationships. Integrating the limiting, reactive ego-self into your true, expansive, magnificent higher self, brings the kind of wholeness which allows you to open up to love and all its lightness, positivity, possibilities and upliftment.

Restructure your Foundations and Strengthening your Wings

We are all going through so much change as the old ways of being continue to crumble and fall away. You may have a vision of the the new, and not quite know how to bring it about. In reality, you have all that it takes already inside you – a true authority and power that can be tapped to make the desired change in your life and the world you live in. It may well be why you are here.

Re-birth through Practical Creativity

You came into this world with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities and a desire to express these in a unique way for your own expansion and for the betterment of the world. Many of the challenges you have experienced in life only happen for your growth, maturity, preparation and readiness to step boldly onto your true path; your true purpose. Eckhart Tolle describes our inner and outer purposes. The two are intertwined. Your inner purpose is to awaken and expand in consciousness. Your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling our outer purpose. Your outer purpose is to create the kind of New Earth that you want to live in.

Transformation is often more about undoing than doing. Sometimes we have to enter the deeper waters of our feelings, intuition and true inner power that stir in you the inspiration and desire to claim your gifts and express your own uniqueness in a practical creative way.

May 2018 be your year of transformation, growth and expansion. The time is right now, for you to claim and express your gifts, to unfold your wings and do what you came to do creatively in the world.

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My New Year’s Wish

7 Ways to Make 2017 a Most Magical Year

Open the Door to 2017

Open the Door to 2017

I woke up on New Year’s Day with these words in my mind: “Bring the outer and the inner into alignment, and then everything will come into sync”. This thought felt important and inspired my New Year’s Intentions. What does it mean though, and how can I achieve this alignment? My New Year’s Intentions takes 7 possible angles to coming into alignment and making 2017 a most magical year:

1. Being heart-based
This means shifting out of the head into the heart. It implies thinking less, analysing less, justifying less and feeling more. I hope this year will shift us more into the heart-based consciousness of compassion, generosity, support, sharing, harmony and peace. Bringing the head and the heart into alignment creates balance, positivity and heart expansion – that’s my wish.

2. Following my intuition
This will come naturally when I stay tuned to the heart – that still voice within, the quiet inner guidance that always knows best, that always speaks first, before the analytical, thinking, justifying mind sets in. Meditative and awareness practices will be key to sharpen and refine my intuition.

3. Being true to my true self
We can’t always change the external world, but I can do the inner work of integrating the fear-based ego mind into my true self, and so be of one higher mind. Integrating the minds into one brings us into wholeness. The word whole is the root and true meaning of words such as health, holy, holistic and healing – the ultimate aim of our work. I aim to live more as my true higher self which opens me up to the qualities of unconditional love, joy, peace, true power and infinite potential. This inner work, always brings magical change to the outer world.

4. Being free
Ironically, the only thing that imprisons us is the fear-based, stress-creating ego mind. So this year, I choose freedom. Free to be myself in spite of others’ opinions and ideas. Free to align my life to my purpose and so live more magically. Free to enjoy the gifts of life on this beautiful planet.

5. Flowing with life
Planning ahead, especially here at the start of the year is good practice. The challenge is to then come back to the present moment as life can only be lived in the moment. My intention is to flow more with the intuitive guidance and synchronicity of life accessible in the present moment. In spite of the plans, it’s best to remain flexible and welcome change, trusting what unfolds. “When things change in our life, often we have resistance to the change. But if you understand the structure of the Universe, life, and creation, then you will understand that life is change, and nothing ever stands still. Everything is energy, and energy is in continual motion and change. If energy stood still you would be gone, and there would be no life” – The Secret.

6. Welcoming a shift in consciousness on Earth
There is a lot happening in the world that we don’t like. But we are meant to be the change agents. We live in a pivotal time in human evolution. We have the privilege to be here on Earth at a time of radical change. We are here to usher in a new way of being. We are already experiencing this change – people across the world taking initiatives to care for the environment, support people in challenging situations and develop new initiatives. A critical mass of people acting from a a place of love, compassion, kindness and peace may well soon tip humanity into a new era of peace and enlightenment. The time is NOW (Extracts from Lifting the Veils of Illusion).

7. Expanding our work
The January news has been dominated by the plight of NHS and a new surge in mental health patients. People not get help soon enough, causes mental health problems to escalate to a crisis point. From my own experience there has been an increase in people experiencing anxiety and depression. This has always been the focus of my work and mental and emotional health will continue to be a priority. I am always amazed at the results that can be achieved with Timeline Therapy™. Mental and emotional issues like anxiety and depression can be healed and released quickly, gently, and with lasting effects. Through our existing and new courses we aim to take our work and your growth to a whole new level.

Our Service to You:
Coaching is all about goal-setting, direction, meaning and purpose. Soul Coaching takes it a step further and enables you to learn how to better understand yourself, your world, align your purpose with universal patterns, and create positive change in your life and your community. For full details visit Soul Coaching.

Transformational Therapy: Aimed at unleashing the best in you, the main focus is releasing fear and limiting beliefs, building the confidence and positive beliefs that enable you to transform yourself into your best version and create your life the way you want it. For details visit Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy™

Courses and Events: These are continuously developed with your growth and transformation in mind, and are focused on addressing all of the above concepts and more. Join us, there will be something that’s just right for you. Look out for our meditation courses and our new course: Lessons in Mastery. All details are on the Events Calendar.