Your Mental Health Lockdown Thrive Kit

Now that we know the lockdown may continue for a while, how do you take care of yourself and stay in your right mind? Last month we explored how to stay out of fear. It’s not always easy when faced with a pandemic. Ironically, it’s essential for a healthy immune system to be free from stress and fears. So how can you invest in your physical and mental health during these testing times? With small tweaks in your thoughts, approach and actions, this could be a refreshing time of rest, reset and self-renewal.

1. Boost Your Immune System

We are creating stress by wanting things to be different than they are. We want to go back to the “old normal”. We are holding onto the familiar. Yes, we are going to get through this collectively. Yet many aspects of life as we know it will change for good. We are stopping ‘doing things the way they’ve always been done’. It’s best to let go of the past and the ‘old normal’. Stress is caused not by what we are experiencing, but by how we think about it. Reduce stress by being mindful of your thoughts. Distract your thoughts by engaging in a pleasant creative activity and always bring yourself back into the present moment which is naturally completely free from stress.

Restore yourself energetically. We have been very busy and many people may have placed demands on your time and energy. Now is a good time to restore yourself energetically. This can be done by getting some sunshine, through movement like walking, through energy work like yoga and tai chi, and through self-healing in meditation. Here’s a comprehensive Self-healing Meditation that you can do for yourself daily.

Calm the mind through relaxation, meditation or being out in nature. Calm boosts the immune system and allows you to access your inner resources.  

2. Boost Your Resilience

Relaxation practices help to access your Unconscious Mind and opens up your imagination. When you feel relaxed, it’s easier to evoke positive feelings, imagine creative responses, and influence yourself to feel resilient. You can do this by reassuring yourself and by using positive affirmations as suggested below.

Practice Heart-based Consciousness – a state achieved when you shift your focus into the heart and activate heart-based feelings such as love, caring and appreciation. According to research done by the HeartMath Institute, heart coherence reduces stress and restores health. “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation.” HeartMath Institute Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty says. “It is a state that builds resilience – personal energy is accumulated, not wasted – leaving more energy to manifest intentions and harmonious outcomes.”

3. Use Positive Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations to yourself, can be very reassuring to your unconscious mind. Its a great way to counteract spiralling negative thoughts. Here are some examples:
‘I am healthy, I am whole, I am loved, I am love, I am light’.
‘I have everything I need’.
‘All my needs are always provided for’.

4. Practice Gratitude

It’s not always easy to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, yet a practice of gratitude does it every time. Reflect firstly on a person you are grateful for, secondly an event you are grateful for and thirdly something about yourself you are grateful for. Reflect on what’s going well and be grateful for all that you have. Be grateful too that during the lockdown, you have quality time for yourself, time to reflect, to meditate, to be still and to go within. Reflection brings clarity. Follow this simple Gratitude Meditation.

5. Ride Above the Turbulence

There’s a lot of fear being created at the moment, especially through the news media. We will all be aware of fear, but through awareness we can stay out of fear. Remain the compassionate observer of your own feelings as well as collective emotions. Rise above it by seeing the bigger picture; the higher vision. Stay in your heart and reach out to others in kindness, support and positive encouragement. Positive emotions enhance your health and strengthens your immune system. Even in this time of fear of loss (jobs or money), remember the universe is abundant by nature. The Earth has been self-sufficient for eons and has abundant resources. There’s more than enough for everyone. Thoughts of lack, create stress. Thoughts of abundance open you up to the abundance of opportunities that are opening up to you now. You are going through this experience for your own growth and transformation. You will come through this with new inspiration, inner strength, a new sense of who you are and what you want to bring forth in the world. Sometimes we need a bit of a nudge and a dose of courage. The current circumstance may just bring that out in you. This can truly be the time to be and do what you always wanted to be and do.

What’s unfolding now is challenging and uncertain, yet it’s for the betterment of mankind. Ride above the turbulence. The eventual outcome will be altogether positive. We are moving to reach a higher level of existence; a new way of being – one of creativity, support, kindness, open-heartedness, fairness, balance and equality. This is a time of reshaping our future. This is the time to be our higher form of expression.

6. Co-create your Desired World 

April ushers in a new season; a new year, a new decade. Now is the great time for being aware of what you want, what you value, what you really need (and what not). You’ve changed over the past year or two or ten. You’ve been through big lessons, deep healing and tremendous growth. Now at a new start, reflect on who you are now, what’s true for you now and what’s important to you in your life. What new ideas and initiatives arise in you? What new calling do you feel? Get clear on a new vision for your future. Spring is unfolding despite us. This is naturally a time of optimism, opportunity and growth. What new seed are you planting? What is your long term perspective? Remember that the universe has unlimited potential and infinite possibilities and opportunities that can unfold for you. By imagining it, you create it. Visualise and feel your body healthy and strong. Visualise and feel yourself living a life of joy. Visualise healthy, supportive communities. While we are experiencing a shutdown, new doors are opening; new opportunities that you may not have seen before. Stay open to the magic of life. As the world changes, you have access to whole new possibilities. 

7. Connect and Contribute

Stay open-hearted. This is a collective experience. Globally society is going through a massive healing experience. It’s bringing us closer together. Together we are developing new values and creating a new supportive ways of relating and being. Together we are birthing a new era, a new way of being. Ask yourself: How can I take good care of myself? How can I help? Who can I help?

8. Stay in your Power

Despite the restrictions placed on us right now, you always have choices and choice is empowerment. Harness your own power at a soul level. You have everything that it takes to ride this wave. You have unique inner gifts, abilities and resources already inside you. You’ll feel a calling, perhaps you’ve felt it for a while and had it on the back burner. Own your own free will, your own decision-making ability, your own authority, your own purpose. More than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power; your giftedness; your greater potential. 2020 is calling us to step up. You chose to be here at this time – to help and to evolve. Now you can exercise those choices for the greater good of all. Be the light bearer, the shower of the way and the change agent the world needs right now.

Resources: Your Mental Health Lockdown Thrive Kit:

Online Therapy Sessions

We are all going through deep healing at the moment. Time Line Therapy™ is the most powerful way to heal and release all negative emotions and baggage from the past – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Mentally, you can let go of limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling confident and reaching your highest potential, and develop empowering beliefs and natural confidence instead. Time Line Therapy™ is unique in its approach and resolves issues remarkably quickly without having to go into a lot of details. For more information click on this link: Time Line Therapy™.

Free Meditations

Follow these simple mindfulness and other meditations to bring calm to your mind and restore inner peace.

Inspirational Reads

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Lifting the Veils of Illusion, 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment and
The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life.

Cosmic Overview and Current Energies

The current energy of new beginnings started at Equinox. This is a good time to put action to your dreams. Enjoy the rebirth energy of Spring. We are starting a new astrological year; a whole new beginning – the start of a new season, a new year and a new decade. Right now is a great time for setting new intentions. What do you want to bring into fruition? How else do we understand the current situation? … Read more for the bigger picture.


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Overcoming Fear

As the world experiences the spread of the coronavirus (covid-19) and its resultant impact on travel, social interaction and our basic needs of safety, health and provisions, it’s easy to see why the world is going into fear. How do we overcome fear at a time of significant world changes and maintain hope during a pandemic? We also know that 2020 offers tremendous potential. How can you open up to that potential and activate your power within?

Understanding Fear

Fear is our most basic emotion triggered by the reptilian brain and it’s instinctive fight or flight reaction. A lot of the fear we feel are collective fears fuelled by the media. Fear is not triggered by what’s actually happening, but by our perception of what’s happening and the media can colour this in dramatically.

Fear is contagious

Emotions are contagious and tend to rub off. Your unconscious mind; your emotional mind is very sensitive and picks up very easily on the subtleties of feelings of the people around you. In fact, it doesn’t really distinguish between your feelings and mine. It all becomes intertwined and connected as one, because at the level of the unconscious mind, we are one. So we can be dragged down or uplifted. Equally, we can have a dulling or uplifting effect on others. Being aware of this gives us choices.

Fear is a low level of consciousness

We have all walked into a room and sensed the vibes. You can feel the tension or the lightness. Emotions have vibrations. Some, like stress and fear, are dense and low in vibration. Others, like love and joy, are light and high in vibrations. Higher vibrations are naturally more uplifting and expansive.

When you dwell in fear, you dwell in the lowest state of consciousness. If you dwell in lower emotions too long, you can experience apathy and your energy becomes more constricted and solid. You can’t make decisions because you resist change. You want things to stay the same. You are motivated by safety and security. Stress and fear can cause dis-ease.

Higher up in positive emotions of willingness, hope, gratitude and enthusiasm, there’s more movement and flow in your energy. You become more expansive and you have more space to create. You are driven by meaning and purpose. You feel energised, healthy and inspired and can serve as an inspiration to others. You come into your own power, and abundance is a natural outflow.

Fear is a natural human experience

It is natural and human to experience the whole range of emotions. One day you may feel optimistic and positive, and then comes a day when you feel anxious for no apparent reason. Be willing to experience the whole range of human emotions. Don’t resist lower emotions of anger, upset or fear. What you resist persists. Just avoid dwelling in the lower emotions. Flow through the experience with awareness and intention to move back up into positive emotions. Releasing resistance and taking responsibility, begins to tip us into positive emotions. Practicing acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness helps us to transcend fear and feel positive emotions of love, joy and peace again. 

Master your Mind to Overcome Fear


Change is inevitable and acceptance brings peace. We create our own suffering by holding onto things or wanting things to be different from what they are. Acceptance doesn’t mean liking or giving up or being satisfied, it just means non-resistance and accepting what is right now as a starting point. Acceptance is a precondition for healing.


Rather than being drawn into the fear, remain the detached observer. Look at what’s happening in the world from a higher perspective. What we are going through may be challenging, yet there is much to learn from it. Ultimately every experience is for our growth and evolution.


Practicing gratitude creates a positive mental shift every time. Gratitude activates neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine that are naturally uplifting. Take an attitude of gratitude into a mindfulness meditative practice. Reflect on everything that is going well in your life and all you have to be grateful for.

Thought Awareness

You always have a choice. Do you feed the fearful inner lizard of the reptilian brain or do you trust the inner wizard of the higher mind? Faith and trust transcends the lizard voice. 
Certain modes of thinking can feed the lizard voice:
‘Should’ and ‘must’ type thoughts as well as ‘why don’t they…’ place high expectations on ourselves or others and are frustration drivers.
‘Always’ and ‘never’ type thinking pushes us into the extreme (e.g. “I am always helping you and you never help me”) and are anger drivers.
Catastrophising (‘what if’ type thoughts or beliefs that something is far worse than it actually is) creates anxiety.
‘All or nothing’ or ‘black and white’ or ‘right or wrong’ or ‘nobody’ and ‘everybody’ type thoughts – absolutes rather than shades of grey – (e.g. nobody cares) are depression drivers.

The lizard voice is disempowering and perpetuates the victim state. Bring the nature of your thoughts into your awareness. Are they helpful or harmful? Let your thoughts be that of the inner wizard – aware, wise, kind, compassionate and reassuring to yourself and others. All consciousness is connected. Therefore when you change fear into love, you uplift the whole. 

Look after your Nervous System

Give the nervous system a break from all the continuous stimulation. Spend time in stillness. Restore the balance by giving yourself time to rest and recuperate. Create calm by slowing your pace and be present in the moment. Calm doesn’t come from some change in the external world. It has to be cultivated from within. When you do, you can engage your nervous system for what it was intended – creativity. Your nervous system is designed to give you what you focus on. Embrace your creative energy by channelling it constructively and positively into enjoyable projects. Align yourself with your destiny and set positive intentions that drive and fulfil your vision.

Step into your Power

More than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power; your gifted-ness; your greatness. The power and potential for greatness is in all of us. When you tap into your true power, you tap into something that is you and at the same time greater than you. This universal force wants to flow through you. When you release the constricted power of the little ego self, you open up to a vast expansive power, that of your greater true self. Now is the time to step into your true higher power for a higher purpose.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Own your Power

You can’t use your power until you’ve owned it. Recognise that this power is in you anyway. The only thing that obscures it are our own fears and limiting beliefs – fears and limiting beliefs that keep you in your ordinariness, rather than your greatness. Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that. You have infinite potential and untapped resources already inside you. Release any fears and doubts about who you are and what you are capable of. Every time you release a limiting belief (sometimes we do it by facing the fear and doing it anyway) life responds to you in magical ways and whole new dimensions of possibilities open up to you.

“To live fearlessly is to actively practice peace and non-violence, even if it seems like we’re threatened” – Alberto Villoldo

What do I do with this Power?

Create – be the all powerful creator that you are.
Heal – your life, your family and the world.
Bring change – be the change agent ushering in a peaceful, loving world.
Take action – act with certainty and commitment to your chosen path.
Inspire others effortlessly – through just being who you are and doing what you do.
Step into your greater purpose powerfully – be the master, the creator, the lightworker and change agent the world needs right now. That’s what you came to do. These may be challenging times, but it is the time we incarnated for and you have everything that it takes already inside you.

What else can you do to release fear?

Regular relaxation
Breathing exercises – a deeper in-breath and a longer out-breath
Practice mindfulness
Be present in the moment – get your thoughts out of the future and the past
Positive self-talking
Have some positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself, such as “I know I can do it” and “everything will work out well”
Practice gratitude
Slow down your pace
Regular nurturing exercise such as yoga, pilates, tai chi, swimming, walking and cycling.


Transformational Therapies

It’s always best to get to the root cause and resolve issues for good. Time Line Therapy™ is the most powerful way to heal and release all negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, depression and anxiety. We can also let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling confident and reaching your highest potential, and develop empowering beliefs and natural confidence instead. Time Line Therapy™ is unique in its approach and resolves issues remarkably quickly without having to go into a lot of details. For more information click on this link: Time Line Therapy™.

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