Self-mastery Through Changing Perceptions

Meditation is a great self-healing tool. We have already explored the use of Ho’oponopono, the Huna forgiveness ritual for healing relationships and making peace. Recently, on the Self-Mastery Advanced Meditation Course, we used this same powerful forgiveness meditation in more advanced ways – to change perceptions, clear the slate and recreate your world; your holographic universe afresh.

Possibly one of the most magical healing meditations, Ho’oponopono wipes the slate clean. If you’ve had a challenging experience in any of your relationships, Ho’oponopono facilitates forgiveness and allows you to change existing perceptions. Whatever your perception of another person may be, it’s just a perception. Equally, how others perceive you, is only a perception. Perceptions aren’t truths, they are simply made up. If you have done something to offend others (something that happens to all of us – mostly unintentionally), then the Ho’oponopono forgiveness process is the way to clear the air and put things right. 

Healing Perceptions of Money, Business or your Home

Our relationships go beyond people. You can use Ho’oponopono to recreate your relationship e.g. with money, your business and your house. If your experience of money is limited rather than abundant, investigate your beliefs around money; whether you believe you deserve abundance. What’s your relationship with your business, job or career? How would it be different if you could change your perception of it; if you believed in it; if you were grateful for it? How do you feel about your home? Even if you desire a change, it will come your way easier from a basis of love and appreciation. Equally, if you’re trying to sell your house and you are too attached to it, potential buyers won’t get a feel for it. Sometimes we are attached to places where we have lived or visited and we still have one foot in that place. As a result, we could feel scattered or ‘all over the place’. This stops us from moving on, feeling rooted and being truly present. Letting go energetically allows you to feel whole again; brings movement and new opportunities into your life.


Do you have past experiences that continue to bring up feelings of guilt or embarrassment? If so, these events are still unresolved in the mind and are keeping you attached to the past. No one is perfect or free from so called ‘mistakes’ (better labelled as growth experiences). Is it time to clear the self-criticism, free yourself and bring love and compassion to your life? 

Everything happens for a reason, always. Every experience in your life was designed to shape you and reform you – Aristotle 

The Psychology of Perceptions and Projections

Carl Jung, the Psychologist, said that we project our deep-seated unconscious issues out onto people around us. We then think they are the problem, because we couldn’t see it in ourselves. What you see in others is who you are yourself (what you like and don’t like). In the holographic model of the universe, there is no one outside of you, that isn’t you. Taking responsibility for our own perceptions takes self-empowerment and personal transformation to a whole new level of mastery. When we take charge of our perceptions we can change it anytime, e.g. from ‘People will think I’m crazy’ to ‘People will find this inspiring’. When we change our perceptions (the slide in the hologram), everything and everyone around us change, and quite magically, we project out new characters and experiences in our universe.

 Perceptions are Projected 

  • We grow and evolve through relationships
  • Our views of others is only a perception
  • We tend to project our perceptions onto others
  • What you see in others is who you are yourself 
  • We are always looking in a mirror
  • You are in charge of your perceptions and can challenge and change them
  • We can only change ourselves – we cannot change others
  • When you change your perceptions, people change, and your experiences too
  • Everyone around you is your teacher – helping you to learn something about yourself – especially those testing ones. That’s how you grow and evolve. 

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is essential for your health. Research has shown how anger, resentment and hostility physically impacts on the heart as it can cause hardening arteries and heart attacks (Gill Edwards 2010).

True healing often involves deep forgiveness or a shift in consciousness; changing your perceptions of those testing people in your life, and those who caused you hurt. This is based on a recognition that, from a higher perspective, everything happens for learning and growth. Hypnotherapist Robert Schwartz, describes these interactions from a pre-life planning perspective. He describes how soul groups co-plan and agree life events. How we pre-plan our growth experiences and it may include many individual agreements to meet and work with certain people in certain places at certain times. For you to learn the growth lesson you wanted to, others agreed to act out certain roles (Robert Schwartz 2012). Some of these roles may feel testing but ultimately they are acts of love as it helps you to grow and evolve. Seeing it like this, certainly makes forgiveness easier.

Working with your perceptions is the advance work of self-mastery and forgiveness is your most powerful practice. Forgiveness retrieves your soul and liberates you from the past. All forgiveness is a gift of healing and renewal for yourself. 

Healing Meditation: Ho’oponopono – Cutting Connection – use this powerful healing meditation creatively. Adapt it to your needs. Heal yourself, your relationship with money, your business, your home. Retrieve your energy from past experiences and places. Change limiting beliefs and negative perceptions. Be at peace with everyone in your universe, for your own sake.
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It’s Time to Step into your True Power

Last month we laid the challenging yet powerful foundational principles of Self-Mastery. In this month’s blog we explore an essential quality of self-mastery – that of personal power.

Step into your Power

More than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power; your gift of greatness. We may be thinking of great leaders in history that displayed remarkable strength and power e.g. Gandhi’s power in gentleness that saved a nation or Churchill who led the nation fearlessly during a time of war. This power and potential for greatness is in all of us. Now is the time to step into your true higher power for a higher purpose.

What is this Power?

It is not:
– Force, or arrogance – that’s ego power.
– Power over people – that’s Despotism.
It is:
– Love – songs have been written about the power of love.
– Gentleness – there is great power in gentleness.
– Your greatness – your true magnificence.

Power is a strong foundation like that of a sturdy tree, solid and grounded. With power in the base, you can stand your ground, courageously and strong, while flexibly flowing with life, like willow branches in the wind, acting on your inner guidance in the moment.

Why are we so Scared of this Power?

Marian Williams wrote: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us….Your playing small doesn’t serve the world…As we are liberated from our own fear, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.

It may be that power has been misused in history, but imagine the magic when this power is used for the greater good, the betterment, upliftment, enlightenment and positive evolution of all life on Earth.

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Own your Power

You can’t use your power until you’ve owned it. Recognise that this power is in you anyway. The only thing that obscures it is our own fears and limiting beliefs – fears of opinions, criticism, rejection or hurt, and limiting beliefs that keep you in your ordinariness, rather than your greatness. Whatever you think you are, you are always more than that. You have infinite potential and untapped resources already inside you. Release any fears and doubts about who you are and what you are capable of. Every time you release a limiting belief (sometimes we do it by facing the fear and doing it anyway) life responds to you in magical ways and whole new dimensions of possibilities open up to you.

To live fearlessly is to actively practice peace and non-violence, even if it seems like we’re threatened – Alberto Villoldo

Power for Purpose

When you tap into your true power, you tap into something that is you and at the same time greater than you. This universal force wants to flow through you. When you release the constricted power of the little ego self, you open up to a vast expansive power, that of your Greater True Self. When you flow with this strength and power, you can live your true higher purpose powerfully.

What do I do with this Power?

Create – be the all powerful creator that you are.
Heal – your life, your family and the world.
Bring change – be the change agent ushering in a peaceful, loving world.
Take action – act with certainty and commitment to your chosen path.
Inspire others effortlessly – through just being who you are and doing what you do.
Step into your greater purpose powerfully – be the master, the creator, the lightworker and change agent the world needs right now. That’s what you came to do.


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