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Hypnosis is a normal, natural state where you feel increasing levels of relaxation.

The process always respects your internal values and beliefs and therefore your remain in charge and in control throughout the process.

By inducing a relaxed altered state, communication is gained with your unconscious mind; that part of you that is responsible for bringing about desired change and competency.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective in:

Overcoming Phobias & Anxieties:
Phobias such as the fear of: spiders, heights, dogs, escalators, water, lifts/elevators, etc. can be overcome through several NLP phobia cures available depending on the subject and your personal circumstances.

The same phobia cures are successfully used on anxieties caused by real or imagined circumstances, such as fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of examinations and fear of driving.

Build Confidence & Self-Belief
Hypnotherapy enables you to overcome any limiting beliefs about yourself. You soon begin to see yourself for who you truly are. When you discover your true self, and live as your true self, a natural confidence begins to come through. You will uncover your hidden potential and untapped resources that will make you feel good about yourself. As you begin to honour and appreciation yourself, you will feel comfortable enough to express your own uniqueness and values. Positive self-belief will boost your health, happiness and success. In this way you gain the confidence to go for big goals and live the life you always wanted to.

Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles:
Fed up with endless yo-yo diets?
Want to enjoy your food AND stay in shape?

The reason hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool for weight management is its potential to help you build new healthy habits. This is ideal for easy, natural weight management.

Through a combination of hypnosis, Timeline Therapy™, NLP and coaching we can make changes at the deeper unconscious level, addressing any limiting beliefs, inner conflicts, emotional reactions and habits.

This process is the perfect way to build healthy eating patterns and maintain high motivation, and is the key to lasting results. Weight gain is more often a symptom of underlying emotional issues. With hypnotherapy we can address these issues easily enabling you to live a normal, healthy, natural life.

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Past Life Regression
More and more people are becoming aware of past lives as faint memories of their previous existences come to surface. Have you ever had a feeling of déjà vu or going somewhere new and have a feeling of ‘having been here before’? Many people experience irrational fears e.g. fear of water or claustrophobia without any apparent cause or traumatic event in this life. Often the cause can be traced further back to past life experiences. Once cleared, the fear goes, leaving you free to explore new possibilities and opportunities.

Why might you consider Past Life Regression?

  • Resolving repeated mental and emotional issues e.g. self-worth
  • Lingering physical conditions
  • Relationship issues e.g. fear of commitment, testing family relationships and repeated cycles of attracting challenging relationships
  • Irrational fears, phobias and mental blocks – getting to the real root cause
  • A feeling of having been here before
  • Learning more about yourself  – knowledge is power
  • Learn what motivates and influence e.g. your decision-making
  • Understanding the purpose of this life – why am I here?
  • Weight management – finding a possible distant root cause
  • Release karma and evolve on your path

What does the process entail?
Through hypnosis, a deeper state of relaxation is achieved in which you can comfortably and easily follow guided journeys into past lives. When you do, new perspectives and learning can bring profound insight in yourself and healing to areas of your life.

Your investment – £80-00. Sessions can be longer so please allow up to 2 hours.

To book your session, email: [email protected] or phone 079 865 845 73

Or you can book and pay online with our paypal link:

The Magic of Hypnosis 

In the therapies, the mind-body link is a key factor of our work. It is said that a healthy mind creates a healthy body. Mental thoughts, beliefs and emotions have profound effect on the body whether we are aware of it or not. And this is the key, these processes of thoughts, emotions and beliefs impacting the body happen all the time, and are more often outside our conscious awareness. In hypnosis we work with the unconscious mind, the magical mind where we can make your desired change quickly and effectively.

What is the unconscious mind?

Your unconscious mind is responsible for all those automatic processes that we don’t often think about, including instincts and habits.  Your unconscious mind runs your body and your health – physically and emotionally. Your unconscious mind is highly suggestible, something we can use constructively. The unconscious mind is the mind-body link. Most dis-ease in the body has a mental cause so working with the unconscious mind allows a short cut magical solution to restoring good health.

Access to the unconscious mind is easier when we are in a relaxed state. That’s what make hypnosis so valuable. Through hypnosis we can access and utilise the mind-body link, not only for physical healing, also for healing emotions and changing self-limiting beliefs into positive empowering beliefs. This way you can become your natural confident self again. To get the best out of you session, really familiarise yourself of the magic of your unconscious mind here.

So what is hypnosis?

To know what hypnosis is, let’s first look at what it is not:

Hypnosis is not….

  • Sleep
  • Unconsciousness – You may be aware of everything going on
  • Being controlled by someone else – You remain in control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so it’s about learning to go into trance.

Hypnosis is…

  • A normal natural state
  • A relaxed state.

This relaxed state itself is very healing. Being in that state in between wakefulness and sleep, allows access to your creative self and allows the body to restore itself to good health, often with miraculous and magical effect.

I’m just back from further hypnosis training and I’m so inspired by what can be achieved when we work with your magical mind, the source of your hidden, untapped and infinite potential.

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