The Books

Lifting the Veils of Illusion, 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment facilitates an all-encompassing journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth in 7 essential steps. Taking a peek into the unseen, sharing ancient wisdom and consulting ground-breaking science, you will gain fascinating new insights and experiencing powerful transformational shifts – from stress and fear to true empowerment.

Being on a journey to spiritual enlightenment is inevitable and yet the path is not always clear. Discovering the key steps to spiritual enlightenment can dramatically accelerate your process … Full description here.

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Have you been on your path of personal transformation and spiritual growth for a while now, worked through most of your old fears and doubts, and learnt many lessons of life? So now you are ready for the great work – that of Mastery.

The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life takes Personal Development to an Advanced level of Self-mastery. Drawing on principles of Esoteric Psychology, NLP, Spirituality, ancient wisdom and modern-day Quantum Physics, this book amalgamates aspects of mind, body, energy, emotions and soul and relates it to the challenges we face daily in this fast-paced, ever-changing modern-day life…Full description here.