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Released January 2019

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Have you been on your path of personal transformation and spiritual growth for a while now, worked through most of your old fears and doubts, and learnt many lessons of life? So now you are ready for the great work – that of Mastery.

The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life takes Personal Development to an Advanced level of Self-mastery. Uncover your inherent mastery, your true power and higher gifts. Learn about the sacred 12-Chakra system and how you can activate your higher chakras. Learn about the Spiritual Laws governing the Universe and how you can leverage these laws for your advanced growth. Become your own healer and grow in consciousness through a host of energy practices and new powerful, advanced meditative practices. Master your energy, emotions, mind, thoughts, intuition, higher consciousness and ability to manifest health, abundance, happiness and fulfilment in your life. In addition, uncover you multi-dimensional self, the various planes of existence and the significance of your unique purpose on Earth during this time of a shift in the a new era of enlightenment … Full description here.

Lifting the Veils of Illusion, 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment facilitates an all-encompassing journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth in 7 essential steps. Taking a peek into the unseen, sharing ancient wisdom and consulting ground-breaking science, you will gain fascinating new insights and experiencing powerful transformational shifts – from stress and fear to true empowerment.

Being on a journey to spiritual enlightenment is inevitable and yet the path is not always clear. Discovering the key steps to spiritual enlightenment can dramatically accelerate your process … Full description here.

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