Living Fully

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Autumn. Autumn is a great time for slowing down and reflecting, coming into the moment, wakening the senses to the beauty around us during this glorious golden season. Make this a time to invest in your own health: Physically, mentally and emotionally. This is a time for self-care and there is so much you can do for yourself.

Slow Down

Our continuous busy-ness can create stress and overthinking. Our minds become cluttered, forgetful and confused. Taking time to just be, can be very nourishing and refreshing. It is like a reset for the mind and brings much needed clarity. With the left thinking brain quieting, the right creative brain can open up. Daydreaming is a great way of just being. As you daydream, you just follow the natural trail of your thoughts as they flow into new creative ideas and perspectives. In the relaxed state of daydreaming, the mind opens up to the subtlety of intuition, inspiration and inner wisdom – the seat of creativity.

Letting go

Autumn is a season for letting go. Just as the house needs a declutter, so does the mind. Let go emotionally, of any unsettling emotional feelings and mentally, of all excessive thoughts. Set the intention to let it go, much like the trees let go of their leaves right now. Releasing brings relief and makes space for joy to return.

Let go of the need to control too. A major source of suffering is wanting things ‘my way’. Everything happens for your own learning and growth. Let go of the importance of other people’s opinions too. They are just opinions, not truths. When you attach too much value to their opinions, you are giving your power away. Liberate yourself from others’ opinions and give yourself the permission to just be your true self. That brings freedom and happiness.


Present moment awareness is a great mastery practice. Most people go through life and their daily routine in a trance, asleep, unaware, on automatic pilot. When we are present in the moment, we are truly alive and awakened.

Living Your Life to the Full

Bonnie Ware, a palliative care nurse in Australia, routinely asked her patients about their regrets. In her book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, she records the following common regrets:

  1. I wish I’d dared to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me (pursuing your own dreams).
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard (work-life balance).
  3. I wish I’d dared to express my feelings (honouring and expressing your feelings positively impacts your health and happiness).
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends (personal connections make life meaningful).
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier (happiness is a choice regardless of circumstances).

Open up to the magic of life this November by enjoying the simple things in life. Get out, join the spirit of nature, kick some leaves, refresh and brighten up your own spirit. Meet up with friends, express your feelings and welcome joyful and happy moments into your life.


7 Holistic Self-Care Practices for the darker nights
Meditation: Loving Kindness in Autumn
Meditation: Gratitude Mindfulness Meditation
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Emotions are Levels of Consciousness

Consciousness is your Blueprint for Health and Success

In last month’s blog, we explored 11 Mysterious Facts About Your Emotions. We uncovered, among other, that emotions have vibrations and that your level of emotions, as indicated on this vibrational scale above, is an indicator of your level of consciousness at the time. This month we want to explore further this link between levels of emotions and your default experiences in life.

The Link Between Emotions, Health and Success

Emotions have vibrations: We have all walked into a room and sensed the vibes. You can feel the tension or the lightness. Some, like stress and fear, are dense and low in vibration. Others, like love and joy, are light and high in vibrations. Higher vibrations are naturally more uplifting and expansive.

It’s a human experience: It is natural and human to experience the whole range of emotions. One day you may feel optimistic and positive, and then comes a day when you feel low for no apparent reason. Be willing to experience the whole range of human emotions. Avoid resisting the lower emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt. What you resist persists. Avoid dwelling there for too long. Flow through the emotional experience with awareness and intention to move back up into positive emotions again. Releasing resistance and taking responsibility, begin to tip us into positive emotions. Practicing acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness helps us to transcend the ego and become more of our true higher selves. Clarity brings wisdom and previously evasive emotions of unconditional love, joy and peace are experienced again as our true natural state. Youthfulness and good health – also our natural state – returns.

It’s an indicator of consciousness: Emotional levels are levels of consciousness. Where you dwell in emotions, you dwell in consciousness. Consciousness (not DNA) controls the health in your body as well as your levels of success in achieving positive outcomes. Consciousness changes and activates your DNA, allowing more of your resources and potential to be tapped.

Qualities of Consciousness

In the Negative: As is evident from the emotional scale above, if you dwell in lower emotions too long, you can experience apathy and your energy becomes more constrictive and solid. You can’t make decisions because you resist change. You want things to stay the same. You want to BE right. You take life too seriously and are motivated by safety and security. Stress and fear makes you ill. You feel like a victim of circumstances, as though life is unfair. You can drag people down with you. People around you can find you draining.  People at these levels tend to be risk-averse. They remember past failures and generate a lot of ‘what if’ type mental chatter. Ironically, what we put our intention on, grows in possibility and prevalence.

In the Positive: Higher up in positive emotions of willingness, gratitude, excitement and enthusiasm, there’s more movement and flow in energy. You become more expansive and you have more space to create. You are driven (not by money) by a vision and purpose. You feel energised and healthy. Its easier to come into your own power, to be creative and to manifest positive outcomes. Abundance is a natural outflow. People who cultivate positivity and dwell more higher up the emotional levels, are playful and happy. They don’t take life too seriously. They take full responsibility for their own experiences. They have a contagious enthusiasm. They have strong positive intentions. They want to DO right. They feel inspired and serve as an inspiration to others.

In Practice

Your health and success depends on your willingness to:

  1. Experience the whole range of human emotions – rather than resist them
  2. Embrace and flow with the emotions you experience – rather than trying to control them
  3. Learn and let go and intentionally move up the emotional scale
  4. Practice forgiveness, gratitude, willingness, enthusiasm and positive intention
  5. Keep creating to expand (e.g. your business or career or personal empowerment)
  6. Remain light-hearted and playful
  7. Remain vision and purpose driven – abundance will flow by itself.


Sometimes we can do with a little help. I can highly recommend Time Line Therapy™ for a complete clear-out of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. It’s transformational and rapidly speeds up your personal evolution. Time Line Therapy™, facilitates gentle, yet powerful processes to enable you to heal emotions of the past. Emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt keep us attached to the past and as we heal these emotions, we set ourselves free from the past; free to create a new magnificent life.

As a great self-help tool, you can listen to a Mindfulness Healing Meditation listed under our Products page. It is an inner journey that you can make for your own emotional healing as often as you want to release emotions and achieve lightness.


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