Facing our Darker Emotions

What a year it’s been so far. With major events of Brexit and Trump-it, the media sketching an ever more gloomy picture, many wonder what the future will hold. This month we’ve also been faced even more intensely with our own darkness. The Super Moon shone its magnified light onto the darkest recesses, dredging up deep-seated emotions – personal and collective – for many of us. It’s so easy to point fingers and find the blame outside of ourselves: The world is going to pot!’

Ultimately we are faced with ourselves. If you have experienced the same recently; people around you reflecting your darkness back to you, then it’s time to look within.

We have met the enemy and he is us – Walt Kelly

So when conflict and emotions rise, how do I deal with it sensibly? Here are 8 steps to releasing the darker emotions as they rise and move through them into brightness and enlightenment:

Look within – taking responsibility
Stop the blame. The issue is never out there, it’s always inside us. It only appears to be on the outside. The outside simply holds up a mirror. When we stop the blame and take responsibility for what we project outwards, the introspection and learning can begin.

Face it
When we’re on the path of personal and spiritual growth, we only want to see the sweet side. We all have a dark side. The psychologist, Carl Young, called it our Shadow. These are aspects of us hidden in the unconscious mind. We can be so unaware of it. When we project it out and it gets mirrored back to us by those testing people around us, it comes into conscious awareness. When we are prepared to face these emotions as our own dark side, we can gain priceless pearls of wisdom and insight.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” – Carl Young

Own it, don’t judge it
When the real deep-seated darker emotions rise up and we are prepared to face it, it can seem really ugly, nasty and undesirable. Denial can set in: No that’s not me. Self-judgement can set in: Yes that is me and it’s shocking! It’s your Shadow. Don’t judge it, own it.

Learn from it, reflect on it
When the darker emotions are dredged up, we don’t always want to feel them, and so we avoid them or suppress them; pushing them back down again. ‘Oh no I don’t want to feel that now!’ It’s coming up for release, not to haunt us. Just sit with it, learn from it, reflect on it. The resulting insight brings a leap in evolution on your own path of enlightenment.

Name it
What is this darkness in us? It’s almost always fear-based emotions. Also ego-based emotions in the form of anger, hate, jealousy, control, judgment, selfishness, competitiveness, resentment, unforgiveness or unresolved hurt. Whatever it is, you only need to bring it into conscious awareness. The mere awareness starts the change.

Release it
When you have reflected and gained new perspectives and insights in yourself, it’s time to let it go. Set the intention to let it go. There is power in the words: “I release this…(name the emotion)”. Releasing brings relief and makes space for lightness to return.

Express it
Is it just me going through this? No we are all experiencing emotions rising right now. You are not the only one. Ultimately it’s a healing experience. Expressing your feelings is a healthy way of getting it out and resolved.

Replace it
As we release the old, we must replace it with the new. You can now fill the new resultant space; the blank canvas with positive emotions, thoughts, a fresh new vision and the gifts of the higher mind.

It’s for your own good
Everything happens for our own learning and growth. We can’t always see it when we’re in it. Soon you’ll see how you have grown through it. Those people who pressed my buttons just played a role; held up a mirror for me to see my shadow self for real. It’s not nice when you go through it, but ultimately it brings insight and healing. When the murky waters of the unconscious mind is clear, wisdom shines through. Trust your own process of enlightenment with patience and compassion.

It’s for the greater good
We are not spectators in the world, we are co-creators. What kind of a world do you want to live in? As Ghandi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. We are one interconnected whole. As we release our own fears, we lift the energy vibration of the whole, and we heal the planet. “As we are liberated from our own fears, our presence automatically liberates others” – Marianne Williamson.

Create your own future
The question is not: ‘What kind of future are we going to have?’ The question is: ‘What kind of future do you want to create? How do we create it? With your mind – through thought intention, envisioning, visualisation and meditation. To move forward we have to face our darkness. Then you are free to create brightness on your new clean slate.

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