Client Reviews

I cannot tell enough people about my experience of Timeline Therapy with Bright Future Now.  I started my appointments after knowing I had to do something about my emotions. I had lost my Mum which was a huge part of my emotions, anger, grieve, sadness, guilt, frustration. The sessions gave me time for myself to be myself. Narina was amazing caring, kind and gave me solutions to take forward until my next appointment. I feel healed now, worked through my emotions and able to cope with any situation and the future. I am so much more happier and positive in myself. The journey has been amazing with Narina thank you so much. 

Lorraine Preston


Narina, I just wanted to say a massive “Thank You” for all that you have done for me. I came to you, a couple of weeks ago, with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I could not see the path forward, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for me. I told you all of my problems and you listened to me, decided on which therapy was best, and made our way forward.

When the session was finished, I felt that I could see where to go and what to do. To say I felt healed is an understatement. The process which you used not only helped me emotionally but also physically. I feel so much better for seeing you. Just one session, that’s all it took for you to help me solve my problems.

I am so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for your kindness, patience and most of all, your knowledge.

Barbara from Leyland


Thank you for a life-changing experience of Timeline Therapy. I’m delighted I joined the meditation course as well and I’ve have enjoyed reading your book alongside it. My purpose is clear now and the veil is lifted.

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much again
Elaine from Preston


I came to Bright Future Now for confidence building and to overcome anxiety so I can find the right job for me. I didn’t feel confident about interviews and doubted that I can turn an interview into a job offer. Even after the first session I started to feel lighter and more relaxed in myself. I soon realised the anxiety is just the result of faulty negative thoughts and with Narina’s help I’ve learned to turn my thoughts more positive and helpful for me. I thought I needed to be like other confident people but Narina helped me to just be myself and find my natural confidence. The sessions unlocked something in me and I feel so much more myself. Recently I found a job that I liked and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt during the interview. I was overjoyed when I received a job offer. My life turned around in so many ways. Its definitely worth it and I can recommend this service to anyone who wants to be happy with life again. I learned so much and have many self-help tools now. I feel empowered and have a whole new outlook on life. I’m happy to be myself and feel positive about my future – highly recommended.

Mark from Euxton


I came to see Narina for work-related stress and anxiety. I thought, like with other therapies, it will take 6 or more session for me to feel my normal self again. Surprisingly after just one session I felt so much calmer and relaxed at work. After a second session, I felt strong and energised. Each time I felt surprised by the positive effect the session had on me. It brought new inner resources to the fore and I felt a different person. After the third session, I was able to review my life and made the career changes I always wanted to make. I now feel free to travel and to live my life the way I want to. I believe everyone should come for these sessions. You don’t need to experience problems to benefit from it. These sessions are so transformational, it brings the best out in you. Highly recommended; great for personal growth and development.

Hailey from Preston


I found Bright Future Now after searching for a hypnotherapist for anxiety and insomnia. I am so happy to have found her, she’s been absolutely amazing. She has helped me find the former, self-confident and strong person I was before I met her.  I was suffering with horrendous anxiety and carried many stresses, feelings, emotions and negative thinking from my childhood that I had seemed to carry with me all my life.  To top off all that I had been in a horrible, disrespecting and unfaithful relationship for a long time and felt he had sucked the life out of me… literally.

I had my first meeting with Narina just after the breakdown of my relationship and she recommended Time Line Therapy and it’s been incredible.  What a change I see and feel in myself.  I am back to feeling bright, strong and determined and I can literally feel a burning energy through my whole body, my inner strength burning like the “Ready Brek” advert of years ago, except mine is inside of me.  I feel confident and in control and now know my worth.  With her help I have also let go of my past and all the unnecessary baggage I had been carrying around for such a long time.  I feel so much lighter now, like Tigger, I could just bounce around everywhere without a stress in the world.  Not only that, I see my future as being so much better with my new found strength, focus and inspiration.  She truly is an amazing woman.  She made me see my true worth and my spiritual side also and to understand my place in life.  I am leaving soon for a brand new start in life to USA and I was a little scared of the new start on my own but Narina has helped rid me of any such fears and I now know that my new start is going to be nothing but exceptional.

My friends and work colleagues also have noticed a massive change in me, they see it in my face, my eyes and my whole body language and tell me I look absolutely amazing.  I feel amazing, I feel like a new woman and I’m focused on what is important in life, I have learned to release negativity from my life and to let go of things that just are not important and not worth even giving a second thought too.  I have also learned to relax and meditate and I sleep so much better too.

I cannot thank Narina enough, she is a great listener and guided me through everything slowly and meticulously.  She truly is my guiding star and I dread to think how my new adventure would have turned out had I not decided to seek help first.

Highly recommended.

Deborah from Preston


As a long term insomniac it is wonderful to tell you that I am sleeping better and still improving. In fact I OVERSLEPT last night and that is not a word normally found in my vocabulary! You have made such a difference to my life and I feel that it will continue to improve.

Jean from Leyland


Six months ago, after weeks of increasing panic attacks, feeling unwell for one reason or another and in constant back pain, I found myself in a black hole I had never anticipated. The feelings were quite overwhelming and left me feeling unable to function apart from at a very basic level.
I was prescribed anti-depressants, signed off work and referred to NHS MIND. Stress at work had been a large contributing factor, but I knew that there were other underlying factors I needed to address before I could start to feel ‘normal’ again. NHS MIND offered me group cognitive behaviour therapy sessions, which were useful in changing my very negative mind set and helping me to see that I was not alone in this struggle.
My husband has often referred to me as a people pleaser, putting the needs of others before myself or my family. I slowly began to recognise that this combined with an inherent lack of confidence and low self-esteem were going to be much more difficult to overcome and I began to look for a more personal, counselling based approach to solving my problems.
Finding and working with Narina at Bright Future Now has opened up the way forwards for me again and restored my inner self confidence and beliefs to a point I didn’t believe possible. By addressing past issues which were impacting on more recent situations, learning from them, then moving forwards to see how a more confident me could deal with the situations causing me stress, has been the key to not only climbing out of that black hole of despair, but also of recognising that I am capable of continuing to overcome such situations in the future.
The sessions with Narina were a chance to reflect on my own life, needs and wishes, something we do not always give ourselves the chance to do. Having Narina’s guidance and complete understanding allowed me to open up and really address some deep-rooted issues that over time had unravelled the confidence and assurance I had once had in myself and my own decisions/actions.
Throughout the sessions I have come to see how I can maintain that elusive work-life balance and to know that when it does tip one way too much I can pull it back again to where I want and need it to be. Life isn’t perfect and there will continue to be stressful situations, but I now feel that I have the mental tools and confidence to deal with them, whilst knowing that Narina’s support is only a phone call away, should I ever need it again, is of great comfort.
Thank you Narina for this gift.

Linda from Chorley


I did a one day Introduction to NLP with Bright Future Now and I can’t believe the change & changes its making in my life. It is completely amazing. All I can say is thank you so much. It really made me understand myself and be a lot kinder to myself. I have a new ability to manage my thoughts in a whole new way and I can now control stress in a big way. I have been setting myself a number of goals since the course and everything I ask for manifests in my life miraculously. One month since the course and I experience huge changes in my life. I’m so happy now, thank you so much.

Sam from Preston


I came to Narina for confidence building and self-belief after a number of unsuccessful attempts at selection interviews for nursing and midwifery. Each previous interview had resulted in rejection as I get so nervous and begin to doubt myself. I had two last opportunities left and really wanted to turn them into a success.

Shortly after my first session with Narina, I attended an interview at the university. I was very surprised to walk out of my interview feeling very positive and happy with the way it went. I remained calm, composed and confident. Someone even commented on this afterwards as it was a group interview.

As a result, I received an email from the university offering me a placement for nursing. Although I really wanted the midwifery opportunity, I felt that this is a massive achievement considering how I felt before our therapy session. I really couldn’t have done it without Narina and can’t thank her enough for all her help.

I then had a final chance at an interview at another; my first choice university for midwifery. I really wanted to succeed at this so I made another appointment with Narina.  After my interview at my first choice university, I felt it went well. I managed to stay calm and was completely myself. However the more I thought about it afterwards, the more I became convinced I had not done well and so was honestly expecting another rejection. To my complete surprise, I received an offer from them for midwifery today.  I honestly can’t believe it, it is a total shock to me.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done Narina. I don’t think I could have done it without your help so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will definitely recommend you to others in the future.

Thank you again

Kirsty from Preston


I contacted Bright Future Now as I suffered with frequent migraines. After sessions with her, I hardly ever get headaches nor do I take any medication to prevent the headaches as I did before. On the rare occasions that I do, she has given me the mental strategies to deal with the situation in a much more effective way. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Rachel from Preston


Nearly at the end of a 7 weeks course of Meditation – Lifting the Veils of Illusion. Narina is an excellent tutor, very informative and goes to great lengths to encourage discussion with the group. I would not hesitate recommending her to anyone wishing to seek further knowledge.

Margaret from Leyland


Narina is a very good listener. She is able to combine her expertise in NLP therapy and use her sharp intuitive skills to see the big picture and help and assist those individuals like me who need someone trustworthy to gain understanding clarity of life and work situations. In so doing, helps facilitate a better more rounded outcome and build upon a firmer foundation to embrace life experiences in a more positive manner.

Julie from Leyland


Throughout my life I have always had the ability to remain strong whatever life threw at me. Bereavements and there were many. Family disputes, retirement, etc, etc. Being strong I was always the person that others relied on to take away their pain when out of the blue I was experiencing extreme physical and unknowingly mental trauma myself. I looked to resolving the physical pain by wasting money on physiotherapy etc. without any results. Quite by chance and after enquiring once again for another physiotherapist  I was introduced to the services of Bright Future Now and yes I was sceptical at first but after only a few sessions my life turned around. I am now back to the positive and fun person who I’d forgotten.

Since that time life has given me many new opportunities and adventures. I can honestly say I can’t remember ever being so happy.

Narina I can never thank you enough.



After four session of Timeline and related therapies with Narina, I feel like a new woman. Each session helped me to uncover past emotional issues and gave me the strength and power to leave behind my emotional problems and focus me on the future and my own happiness.

Since then I have used the strategies given to me and the meditations on the website to continue my journey and want to say ‘Thank you’ for making such a profound difference to my life.

Stephanie from Blackburn


I had never experienced NLP or hypnotherapy before so I approached my session with Bright Future Now with an open mind. Narina instantly made me feel very comfortable and using timeline gave me the opportunity to find my own answers. What an experience as Narina took me through a journey I was able to work through many layers and blockages in the mind. Each visit took me to another level and enabled me to discover hidden parts of myself. Narina’s explanations really helped me understand my hidden abilities and her endless support and encouragement have been invaluable in my progression. Her coaching techniques really opened doors for me and her spiritual development course enabled me to meet like-minded people and learn techniques that I can use in my own work. Narina’s work is solid with a no nonsense approach, her honesty and vision speaks to the core of each obstacle. I have been guided, uplifted and have become stronger for spending time with Narina. The coaching and hypnotherapy encouraged me to complete my Reiki training with Narina and I never left a session with any doubt, she is a gifted guide in the spiritual practice giving you a safe place to explore this area. I recommend anyone to embark on a journey with Narina she takes you to a higher place where anything is possible.

Helen from Preston on NLP, Timeline Therapy & Hypnotherapy


Today something beautiful and completely unexpected happened

A client that is coming to the end of her therapy came with her guitar today and a song written just for me. This, she said was her way of expressing herself and she wanted to thank me. She handed me the sheet of lyrics that she wrote headed Angel, and began to sing. I was in tears. I have never experienced anything quite like this. I’ve recorded it on my phone and may put that up next. I felt undeserving and at the same time this was a highlight of my life, a moment that will stand out as an unforgettable experience. There are special people in this world and today I was blessed by this gift of song, creativity and expression beyond measure.

These were her lyrics:

There’s a road, I’ve travelled for a long long time
With a load; wasn’t sure if it was yours or mine;
Couldn’t find my way.
Came an angel; came an angel; reached for my hand.
I held the light, shining gently tho the road was long
Thro the night, singing softly as I wrote my song
Looking for the words.
Came an angel; came an angel; held my hand.
On my own, always feeling that I don’t belong.
Should have know; wasn’t failing, didn’t get it wrong
I can stand alone
Came an angel; came an angel; walked my road.
Loving free; food in plenty for my friends to share.
But loving me; angel came and showed me how to care,
How to care for me.
Came an angel; came an angel; came an angel; came an angel;
She let me go; now I know. Thanks you.


A Journalist recently came for an experience. This is what he wrote:

Healing the Past

We all carry emotional baggage. Feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt remain harmful.

Hypnotherapy and other Transformational Therapies can be an effective way of dealing with your demons, as editor of Live Preston, Peter Holland discovered.

I’m not a fruitcake, nor do I consider myself to be damaged goods. However, having survived some of the bad things life can throw at us, I do carry emotional scars. You probably have them too?

The basic theory of Transformational Therapies is that we need to let go of these negative emotions. Only by healing our past can we hope to move on to create a happy and more fulfilling future etc, etc…

Intrigued by the idea of unpacking and discarding my old,   unwanted baggage (and acquiring a new set of matching luggage) I volunteered for a session with hypnotherapist and achievement coach Narina Riskowitz. She informed me that I would be going on some little journeys.

“You will be visiting a different world, visiting your unconscious mind. It’s the space in between being fully conscious and asleep,” she explained.

Among the treatments Narina practices is Time Line Therapy™ where you navigate back and forth between your past and your future. Relaxed in a comfy chair, with the lights and the window shutters down and my eyes closed, I was soon neither fast asleep nor fully awake. At the controls of my own time machine, I revisited times and places I hadn’t planned to.

Suddenly I was a boy again, playing in the timber yard near my grandmother’s house. I knew I shouldn’t have been there and uttered the word “mischief” several times.

A subsequent journey along my time-line found me dancing around the Maypole in the playground at St Andrew’s Primary School in Preston. It would be the spring of 1967? My old friend Gregory Clarkson was there too.

It was lovely to see him again. Sorry we lost touch Greg!

Other journeys backwards and forwards along my time-line were less enjoyable. Although I never once felt uncomfortable, I did become tearful. Gently, Narina encouraged me to re-visit the unpleasant stuff. The longer I analysed those memories and the less painful they seemed.

Why had I chosen a balance of pleasant and unpleasant memories?

Did I want to contrast the innocence of childhood with the complexities which were to follow?

Whatever the reason, I talked openly about some painful issues.

Afterwards, Narina’s notes contained words and phrases which I’d spoken during my treatment; “hurting,” “teasing,” “selfish,” “stupid,” “powerless” and “arrogant.”

I drove home emotionally drained. By early evening I was off to bed, physically worn out too.

Treatments like this are credited with helping to regain confidence, empowering people to deal with lifestyle and relationship issues, career changes and personal goals.

Since that session, in mid December, there has been one significant change in my state of mind. I’m tending to fast-forward to the future rather than constantly re-winding.

Maybe the traditional New Year mentality is responsible for this? In all honestly, I think it is probably much more than that…


Aisha on Hypnotherapy
I suffered from major depression. My acupuncturist recommended the best ever NLP time life therapist, Narina of Bright Future Now. Having spent just a few sessions with her has changed the quality of my life completely. Due to her help I now live in my dream home which I longed for many years. The manifestation techniques were so powerful and amazing, my dreams and aspirations have become a complete reality!  She delivers true results and her therapist techniques are wonderful.  Working with Narina was one of the best things I have done in my whole life.

Narina truly cares about her clients and has a style that inspires trust and confidence. The methods she uses are innovative, powerful and effective. I truly enjoy working with Narina and deeply appreciate her humour and insightful perspective “Thank you, Narina , for all you gave me. Narina  is an incredibly gifted and talented therapist. I owe you ample gratitude, Narina, you’re easily worth ten times what you’ve charged me. I highly recommend her.

Aisha, Preston

Debbie on Creating your Future
Eight months ago I handed in my notice at work after being there for 17 years.  I was working nearly 50 hours a week doing a very stressful job in a very isolated environment.  Family problems added to the stress I was under and something had to give.  When I finished work I felt depressed and at times very anxious.  It was literally days away from a special celebration party and a holiday of a lifetime and I wasn’t looking forward to either.

I searched on the internet for help with depression and anxiety and came across Narina at Bright Future Now.  I rang her and made an appointment for two days before our party.  The rest is history.  Thanks to Narina I gained the knowledge and the confidence to move forward and stop looking back.

With her help I worked out what type of job I didn’t want to do and took time out to read books and find out what I really wanted to do.  I used positive manifestation techniques to draw the perfect job towards me.  When I saw a part time job advertised at a garden centre I knew that that was what I wanted.

On my application form for my new job it asked for my reasons for leaving my last job, I put “to follow my dreams” – that got me invited into the first group interview.  When I got to second stage interview which was a one to one with the department head I made it very clear that I couldn’t work on Thursdays because of my voluntary work at the Hospice shop, she asked about my hobbies and I talked about Reiki and crystals and how I have used the past 7 months to follow my dreams and do things that I wanted to do.  They said I was just the sort of person they were looking for and I now work Monday and Tuesdays and alternate weekends – I am their new Meet and Greet person and it’s a lovely stress free job.  I spent half an hour yesterday outside in the rain helping a young mum start her car – and I came home smiling from ear to ear.  My husband has said I am like a different person (and he means that in a good way) and I feel so much lighter these days even though I still have face family-related challenges

Debbie, Chorley


Although I was thoroughly enjoying my job at the garden centre, it took over 15 miles away and some days it took me nearly an hour to get there if the traffic was bad.

So – I had another go at the positive visualisation – I knew that I wanted a part time job – but this time closer to home!  I stipulated within 5 miles.  I wanted a job where I could sit down for at least part of the time.  I didn’t want to work weekends or Bank holidays.  I still wanted a pleasant working environment and to work for a “good” company with nice people but I didn’t want to work long days.  Also, it had to fit in with my working at the hospice shop on a Thursday!

Bit of a tall order eh?

Well – that’s exactly what I’ve got with a company much nearer home.  Monday to Friday 4pm to 8pm – no weekends, no bank holidays.  I will be mostly sitting down using a computer.  I can still do my bit at the Hospice shop on a Thursday.  The people there seemed nice and the company has a good reputation.  It’s less hours a week but more money per hour, they have a pension scheme and give 20 days holiday in the first year and then 21 in the second, rising to 27 in the seventh year.  The place is a ten minute drive from home, I will get most of the day to potter about, do gardening, meditation, reading etc and then tootle off to work for four hours and home in time for a glass of wine.

Now this is as close as I could possibly get to what I visualised and ordered.  I had the interview for the job over two weeks ago and everything fell into place. My new job is going well and I am very content and happy at the moment which is a massive change to how I was 12 months ago.

Debbie, Chorley

Rachel On Timeline Therapy
My treatment with Narina was extremely positive in helping me to regain control of my eating and relieve my depression.

I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received and feel that this has helped me significantly with the issues I needed help with.

During my treatment, following the timeline therapy, I felt my depression had lifted – so much so that I was able to reduce and eventually come off my medication.

This in turn helped me feel that managing my eating issues was possible and I had the mental strength to start tackling this.

Rachel, Chorley

Robin On Weight Management
I had been suffering with depression for some time when I got in touch with Bright Future Now to seek help.

I also struggled immensely with eating, particularly eating during the day in front of others, and I wanted to lose weight.

I found Narina extremely friendly, professional and understanding when we met for our first session. She took the time to understand my background and my issues so that she was able to best help me with the most appropriate treatments. During my treatment, I received a combination of treatments, including timeline therapy and hypnotherapy.

The timeline therapy helped me significantly in dealing with my depression and although this was emotional at times, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders afterwards. The benefits were so great that I was able to come off my medication for depression during my treatment and now feel like a changed person.

By setting goals on my timeline and through hypnotherapy, my issues with eating much improved and following my treatment I have been losing weight and have had the confidence to join a gym.

I can not thank Narina enough for helping me to overcome my depression and manage my weight and eating.

Robin, Leyland

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