The Foundations of Mastery

The Foundations of Mastery The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life, is available NOW! This is a shared success, as the book came about for you and because of you. Through your mastery we are establishing a new paradigm on Earth. I have been on this path of personal and spiritual development with many of you for a while now. Essentially, it’s a healing journey – releasing fears, overcoming limiting beliefs, uncovering and integrating the unconscious shadow self, and coming into wholeness. That’s transformation. Even though the healing journey can continue at some level, you’ve come a long way on your path of learning, discovery and growth. So, now you are ready for a whole new step or phase.

Foundations of Mastery

The Foundations of Mastery takes personal development to a level of self-mastery. Drawing on principles of esoteric psychology, spirituality, ancient wisdom and modern-day quantum physics, this book equips you to master your energy, emotions, mind, thoughts, intuition, higher consciousness, and the art of manifesting health, happiness and fulfillment in your life.

We are not always in touch with our true mastery; our inner power. Yet, more than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power. Through the 12-step process of mastery, you can now:
Uncover your inherent mastery
-Take charge of your life
-Step into your true power
-Run your mind like a master
-Claim your higher gifts

Mastery ? –  You may be thinking, ‘Who am I to be a master ?’

That’s what I ask myself when I started writing this book…

You are a Master; Discover your Greatness

You are a master, you’ve always been one. You came into this world with mastery in your DNA. Inside of you is immense power, potential, gifts and abilities to be a creator, a leader, a change agent, a transformer, a beacon of light in a world that needs the likes of you. You have inner wisdom, waiting to be tapped, gifts and abilities ready to be unleashed. You are here with a great mission – to bring change in the world, by just being who you are.

The Time for Mastery is Now

The time is NOW – to step into your true power, own it and use it. Too often we under-estimate and doubt ourselves. It’s time to discover your greatness, step into it, embrace it and be it. It’s time to uncover your inherent mastery. The aim of this book is to assist you in that process. Not to make you a master, but to assist you in uncovering who you truly are and what you are capable of.

Mastery is stepping into your greatness

Mastery is Freedom from Fear

Imagine being truly free from fear, stress and tension. We often blame the pressures of life and our workload for feeling anxious and stressed, but fear and stress is not caused by external circumstances, but the way we think about it. Fear only exists in the mind. Fear is the great illusion. All negative emotions and limiting beliefs stem from fear. All positive emotions and experiences are love-based. We are now evolving beyond the old fear-based worldview, its suffering and its fight and flight response. Beyond fear is creativity, infinite potential, joy and love. Self-mastery offers us the techniques and practices to recognise the fear response and the old suffering programme, intentionally de-energise them and open up to love, creativity and wisdom – your true natural state.

Beyond Fear Is Only Love

Master your Mindset

Each step of the journey offers powerful, yet simple practices, tools and visualisations for mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment. Learn  the ‘how’ of the mastery mindset that empowers you to flow with life intuitively and create powerfully and with purposeful intent.

The 12-Chakra System

There’s not much written about the 12-Chakra system. They are relatively new and very relevant to your growth and evolution at this current time. The Foundations of Mastery offers unique insights into the 12-Chakra System and how you can activate your higher chakras for your own health and expansion.

The Universal Laws

In The Foundations of Mastery you also have a guide to the Universal Laws and how you can leverage these laws for your growth in mastery. It is through the understanding and application of these laws that we can achieve mastery of our lives. These Natural and Spiritual Laws form part of the ancient wisdom teachings. Yet, the knowledge of it has somehow stopped being passed down and kept secret. If people knew they are in complete control of their minds and therefore their destiny, they would no longer be controlled by the governing, monetary and media systems of the world. Fortunately, modern quantum physics has also been proving these ancient principles to be accurate. Through the knowledge and application of these spiritual and natural laws, you can master your own life and create your own destiny.

Transformational Meditations

With the book you have access to a host of new meditations with free access to audio downloads. The meditations are transformational as they are very powerful; designed to bring about healing and advance your growth and evolution.

There is a lot more to discover, such as insight in the significance of this time we live in and your unique purpose on Earth at this time of a shift into a New Era of Enlightenment.

Meditation Courses

I look forward to explore this and the essential mastery practices with you through the book, in our one to one sessions, as well as the forthcoming meditations courses, based on the books. Join us on a Meditation Course near you, and learn how you can be your own healer, grow in consciousness and master your ability to manifest abundance, happiness and fulfilment in your life. Details are on the Events Calendar.

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2019 – Your Year of Expansion

2018 was a year of radical transformation, digging deep into the depth of our being, purging, healing, changing, unfolding and for many it came with a question of identity: Who am I really? What is really important to me? 

2019 – The Year of Expansion, Growth and Becoming 

So, there are three BIG questions to ask yourself this New Year:

  • Why do I do what I do? 
  • Who am I (becoming)? 
  • What do I (really) want (to express)?

New Year Reflections

Before you make any resolutions, start the New Year with a bit of time for reflection: 

  • Who am I really?
  • What am I really doing?
  • What do I really want to do?
  • Who am I becoming?

Do it from a basis of self-acceptance – not looking at what is missing. It’s not about proving yourself to others, it’s not about the roles and expectations others have for you and it’s not about perfection either. A desire for perfection is not realistic and can lead to depression. Rather make it a reflection of: Who am I really? What do I want to do? Reflect from a perspective of your own path of growth, how you can move forward and expand.


The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life is being released this month. So the ‘How’ of self-mastery will be our key theme this year. The first Step of Self-mastery relates to power and purpose. Bring this as a foundation into your reflection. 


More than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power; your gift of greatness. We may be thinking of great leaders in history who displayed remarkable strength and power, such as Gandhi’s power in gentleness that saved a nation, or Churchill who led the nation fearlessly during a time of war. This power and potential for greatness is in all of us. Now is the time to step into your true higher power for a higher purpose. Power is a strong foundation like that of a sturdy tree, solid and grounded. With power in the base, you can stand your ground, courageously and strong, while flexibly flowing with life, like willow branches in the wind, acting on your inner guidance in the moment. Embracing your true power is key to mastery.


Start the New Year with a strong base from where to live your purpose. The purpose of life is to learn, grow and evolve. Your purpose may be multi-fold. Your inner purpose may be to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, claim your gifts and step into your power; set yourself free from criticism and opinions and follow your own path. Your outer purpose may be to challenge existing societal beliefs and judgement about rights and wrongs and about what’s ‘normal’; and to initiate or create something unique to you, that will benefit others, help them to heal, grow and evolve. All consciousness is connected, and as you move through your own fears into your giftedness and greatness, you also help to liberate and uplift the whole of humanity.

New Year Resolutions

Now is the time to ignite that fire deep inside. Goals are about the big picture; the higher vision. Sometimes we get too focused on the nitty gritty of everyday details and trivia. Yesterday, we went for a walk, climbed a hill and enjoyed a beautiful, higher vision and greater expansion. Sometime it takes climbing a hill to get out of the detail. That stimulates and inspires the mind to take in the bigger picture. What is your New Year’s desire and how can you align your goals with your purpose to make them truly meaningful?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I truly doing what I came to do? 
  • Am I ever becoming the best I can be?
  • How can I move closer to my highest potential this year? 

Goal-setting gets you from confusion, ordinary and random to clarity, growth and expansion.

Do You Believe You Can Do It?

It takes exactly the same mental processes to set and achieve small goals as it does big goals. So, you may as well set yourself big goals. Doubts can creep in. Do you believe you can I do it? Because 2019 is your year of expansion and growth, purge yourself now from any past limitations, boundaries and restrictions and create a new foundation. Step into those big boots and fill them. You have everything it takes to succeed already inside you. You are more gifted and powerful than you can imagine, you are it, you are ever evolving, becoming, unfolding. 

This is 2019, when you can finally break out of the mould; out of the conditioning of the past. Claim your gifts and step into your true creative power. 

Make 2019 your year of expansion and growth. May you be all you can be.


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