Cosmic Overview and Current Energies

These are intense, challenging times that also bring big growth opportunities.

New moon in Scorpio 

This is a new moon for digging deeper, facing your shadow, making radical change and big plans. It’s an important decision-making time – valuing your uniqueness, follow your own destiny and stop being influenced by others’ ideas.

Scorpio is about self-discovery, transformation and diving deep into the feelings.

The new moon is on Monday October 28th, so not much out there yet. Keep an eye on  Margaret Koolman Soul Astrology and Mystic Mamma when more becomes available on the New Moon in Scorpio.

Letting go

Let your shadow-side be revealed and continue to challenge unwanted habits and limiting beliefs. Release the old – any limitations or negativity – to make way for the new. 2020 is around the corner and brings a whole new beginning.

Mercury Retrograde on Halloween

Mercury starts its Retrograde on 31st October and continues throughout the month of Scorpio, amplifying this theme of soul-searching. Read more about this significant Mercury Retrograde.

Enjoy the spiritual significance of Halloween. Tune in as the veil thins. The day after Halloween is traditionally considered a new year. With the significant numerology of 111 it certainly brings in a new beginning. Read more.

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