Cosmic Overview and Current Energies

We’ve all experienced emotions rising during watery July and the eclipse season as deep-seated old stuff rises to the surface for healing and releasing. Since the rise of Sirius on 26th July, the start of the Lion Gate, this energy is dissipating. Everything is starting to feel lighter and we enter the fire of Leo.

8/8 – the Lion Gate

 The Lion Gate is the start of a new astrological year; an annual gateway to higher consciousness. The number 8 in numerology means power and abundance. Use this opportunity to set powerful new intentions. 

Mercury Retrograde Ending

Mercury retrograde is also coming to an end. After its 3-week retrograde, Mercury is finally going direct again. So everything will begin to run smoother and move forward. 

Jupiter Retrograde Ending

With Jupiter also ending its retrograde on 12th August,  which began at the end of April, there can be a perceptible shift in the energy that we can capitalise upon. Jupiter represents expansion. This really is a time to seize the moment.

New moon in Leo

The new moon in Leo on 1st August is also a black super moon. The moon may be invisible, but it is closest to the earth and therefore its pull will be felt strongly. The new moon in Leo adds to this powerful energy of renewal and new beginnings. Harness the solar energy of Leo. So this is a time to shine. Enter this time with confidence and an open heart. 

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1st August is the festival of Lammas, the first harvest festival of the year. This is a time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy Lammas, Brightest Blessings.

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