Foundations of Mastery

The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life:

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Book Description

  • Uncover your inherent mastery
  • Take charge of your life
  • Step into your true power
  • Run your mind like a master
  • Claim your higher gifts

Have you been on your path of personal transformation and spiritual growth for a while now, worked through most of your old fears and doubts, and learnt many lessons of life? So now you are ready for the great work – that of Mastery.

The Foundations of Mastery takes personal development to an advanced level of Self-mastery. Drawing on principles of esoteric psychology, spirituality, ancient wisdom and modern-day quantum physics, this book equips you to master your mind, body, energy, emotions and soul.

As a practical interactive guide, The Foundations of Mastery offers you:

  • powerful, yet simple practices, tools and visualisations for mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment
  • the ‘how’ of the mastery mindset that empowers you to flow with life intuitively and create powerfully and with purposeful intent
  • Insight into the 12-Chakra System and how you can activate your higher chakras
  • A guide to the Universal Laws and how to use them to grow in mastery
  • Transformational meditations with free access to audio downloads.

Be your own healer, grow in consciousness and master your ability to manifest abundance, happiness and fulfilment in your life.

In addition, uncover your multi-dimensional self, the various planes of existence and the significance of your unique purpose on Earth at this time of a shift into a New Era of Enlightenment.

Resources for Your Transformation

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Chakra Activation

Accelerate your evolution with our healing sessions, in person or online, aimed at addressing specific issues and activating your chakras, whether the seven main chakras or the new Sacred Chakras. These powerful healing and activation sessions also activate your DNA and open you up to your higher gifts.

Healing and Transformational Meditations

Enjoy ongoing access to the audio versions of the powerful Healing and Transformational Meditations in the book. Listen to the meditations and facilitate your own healing and growth at any time.

Soul Coaching

Join our signature Soul Coaching programme – in person or online wherever you are in the world. Take your transformation and evolution to another level, grow in enlightenment and live purposefully. More details and booking facilities can be found here.

Transformational Therapy

This is the quickest and most powerful way to clear up all your karma so you can evolve in enlightenment and ascension. Experience a complete clear-out, heal and release all negative emotions and baggage from the past – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Also let go of limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your highest potential, and develop empowering beliefs instead. More details and booking facilities can be found here.

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Also by the Author

Lifting the Veils of Illusion, 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment facilitates an all-encompassing journey of personal empowerment and spiritual growth in seven essential steps. Taking a peek into the unseen, sharing ancient wisdom and consulting ground-breaking science, you will gain fascinating new insights and experience powerful transformational shifts – from stress and fear to true empowerment. Set out in seven Key Steps, this book is not only massively informative, packed with wisdom, it’s also hugely transformational as it contains the healing techniques that the author has been using to magical effect in her therapy, coaching and courses. In one book you have a complete guide to navigating the path of healing and spiritual enlightenment. In addition, there is a fascinating glimpse of the New Era, as predicted by the ancients, that we are entering here now on Earth.

About the Author

Narina Riskowitz works as a Transformational Therapist & Soul Coach and has developed a series of workshops and meditation courses for personal and spiritual growth. The Foundations of Mastery builds on her book, “Lifting the Veils of Illusions, 7 Steps to Spiritual Enlightenment”, published in 2016. Since then, she has worked with individuals and groups to take their evolution from self-development to self-mastery. This process of Mastery is now captured in this new book as an advanced, yet highly practical 12-Step guide to mastering mind, body and soul.

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