7 Major Values Shifts to Expect in 2017

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We are coming to the end of 2016 and we have had a great year. It was a particularly busy year and we can look back on numerous events made magical through your participation. Together we have been through rapid growth. Our personal transformation is mirrored by change on a global scale and many of us have been on an emotional rollercoaster. As the year draws to a close it is as though a grand cycle is coming to an end and something new is in the air.

What May 2017 Hold for Us?
We have seen gradual shifts in values that point to a whole new way of being. Or is it rather perhaps that we are making a full circle back to a way we use to be? Either way we are getting a flavour of the transformational values we are taking with us into a New Era beginning 2017:

1. Return of the Community
Uncertainty fosters solidarity and we are seeing a return of the true community spirit. The old success-driven values of competitiveness and one-upmanship is making way for a culture of mutual support, sharing, cooperation, generosity and goodwill. It may seem as if we go back to separation with some of Trump’s new policies and the crumbling European Union, but these are just transitional signs as old defunct systems make way for the birth a new truly inclusive global community. New resources such as Greater Good Science Centre and HopeLab are examples of New Era organisations doing ground-breaking work to promote psychological health and well-being. Their research-based findings of what makes for a happier, more meaningful life is surprisingly simple: connection, support, compassion, mindfulness and gratitude.

2. Return to the Natural WorldChange and return to nature
Studies have shown numerous health benefits of spending time in nature. Even a 10-minute walk can relieve anxiety and depression. Appreciation of our natural resources increasingly encourages conservation and sustainability. New inventions such as alternative energy sources and new means of travel and sharing resources may radically impact on our lifestyles. Why would you need to even own a car with initiatives such as Go Car in Ireland, Zip Car in the UK and beyond?

3. Stress to Wellness
People are increasingly ditching stress for quality of life and good health. The old fast-pace way of life is making way for slow-paced living as more and more people take responsibility for their own health and well-being. With the trend to replace pressure with self-nurturing, Mindfulness as a daily practice, embraced even by big corporates, is here to stay. The current prevalence of anxiety and depression may continue to increase for a while as part of our personal and societal purging process – people don’t like change and uncertainty. Ultimate the trend is towards wellness, positivity, creativity and enlightenment. The self-help industry will continue to grow as the disillusion in governments and systems to make things right, is replaced with self-empowerment.

This growing self-empowerment will change work life dramatically from jobs and employment to entrepreneurship, as people own their unique skill-sets and offer it confidently on a consultancy-, contracted-, or self-employment basis.

4. Conflict to Peace
War and global conflict may temporarily rise. Ultimate the global campaigning trend is towards peace, joy, harmony and compassion. Fear may continue to be fuelled by the media but people are starting to see through these strategies and will continue a grassroots swell towards peace, goodwill and harmony – locally and globally.

5. Secrecy to Openess, Honesty and Transparency
As we are becoming more inter-connected, it becomes obvious that individuals’ strategies, thoughts and actions impacts the whole. Secrecy and selfishness won’t be tolerated and anything ‘hidden’ will continue to come out in the wash. This is equally true on a personal level. Every thought we have and action we take has a ripple effect and we can ask ourselves: What do we want to create in this world and how do we want to impact others? Ghandi taught: Be the change you want to see in the world. Here’s a suggested principle to live by: If my thoughts could be read (which of course they can – even if just subconciously) how do I turn them positive and constructive to promote reassurance, upliftment and healing to those around me?

6. Materialism to Spirituality 
The current currency depreciation may well continue and result in economic collapse. This is not what people may want to hear but it may well be the catalyst for positive change. The Systems Theory tells is that crisis and chaos precedes transformation to the next level of evolution. From a values perspective the old materialism is making way for a more spiritual approach. This awakening to what is real and meaningful is happening on a large scale. On an individual level it calls us to release the hate-filled, fearful ego-self and instead be the love-based true self that you are at your core.

7. Healing to Mastery
Our own work of emotional and mental healing will continue for a while still, as we face and purge our personal and collective darkness. There will come a time soon when this work is largely completed and the light of wisdom and greater awareness shines through. Our path of personal development and growth will then open to self-mastery. This mastery of our emotions, thoughts and gifts of the higher mind will be the focus of our work in 2017 and beyond. We are looking forward to joining you on this path of Self-mastery and so take our growth and development to a whole new level. Look out for our new course: Lessons in Mastery. Here’s to a magical 2017, the beginning of a New Cycle, a New Era, a new way of being.

Until then we wish you a Happy and Peace-filled Christmas

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