Beyond the Illusion of Fear

Last month’s blog, which is still on the website’s homepage, was about transcending fear. All healing is a release of fear. What lies beyond the illusion of fear? When – as a result of your healing work – the mind finally shifts out of it’s fear-based consciousness, we begin to open up to a whole new magical realm of existence. A new realm of positivity, joy and creativity – a new realm of infinite potential where anything is possible. Fear has many opposites such as hope, faith and trust. The true opposite of fear is love. When the fear goes you can access love and positivity and open up to your true potential.

 A New Life from a Clean Slate

Recently, as I work with people to shift fear, worry and anxiety, they seem to ask the same question: “How will I be different now? Will I just experience positivity? Will everything go well now?”. The truth is that when the negative emotions and limiting beliefs of the past are healed and released, you literally have a new clean slate from where you can create a new magical life. There is a point of caution that I bring to them, which I experienced myself as well. This point has to do with habitual thought patterns of the ego.

The Ego Runs a Programme of Suffering

Even with the past cleared up now, the ego may still run its habitual programme of suffering-creating thoughts. It doesn’t know a new way yet. The old pathway of negative emotions and limiting beliefs may be gone now, yet, it hasn’t chiselled out a new neurological pathway yet. So the reactive ego mind may need some assistance and reassurance. You may have experienced waking up in the morning and the mind starts scanning for problems; things that need doing, things that you forgot to do, things that may go wrong; fires that need fighting, issues that feel hard or difficult. You may then have to bring some calming reassurance to your ego mind. When I experience an old thought pattern kicking in or the ego taking over with its own agenda – worrying about outcomes, wanting things to turn out in a certain way, I reassure it: ‘It’s all right, you can stop the old suffering fear-based thought pattern. We have a new way now – a new magical way of positive trust, creativity, adventure, risk-taking and excitement. The mind can be retrained into love-based consciousness. Eventually this new love-based approach of flowing with life in faith and trust becomes the new chiselled-out pathway.

Opening up to the Magic of Life

As your life begins to turn more positive and brighter, you will progressively feel lighter and more free. As the Veils of Illusion lift, you begin to see clearly. You are now aware of a reality where you are the creator of your own outcomes. You may begin to experience the magical synchronicity of events in your life – people and experiences drawn to you by the power of positive, loving, creative thoughts and intention. A subtle, guiding, intuitive voice, steers you along a purposeful path. As you flow more in the moment with the magic that life has install for you, things begin to fall in place for you – sometimes in ways you couldn’t imagine yourself. With the fear and stress gone, youthfulness and good health returns. The more you shift into a relaxed, creative mode of being, the more you reclaim your potential. With the old limitations gone, you begin to unfold as your true magnificent self. Your universe begins to take on a new nature; one of expansion, abundance, infinite possibility and pure potential. Now you are free from the ordinary; free to create the extraordinary from a place of love, joy, growth, imagination, inspiration, power and purpose.

How do I Tap into this Magic?

All magic is mind magic –  NLP is a great tool for running the mind in ways that ensure positive desired outcomes.

All healing is a release of fear – Time Line Therapy™ achieves this quicker and more effectively than anything else I know.

Magic is change created in your external environment by making wilful change in your yourself and Hypnotherapy is a magical way of achieving that.

Lifting the Veils of Illusion, describes the path of personal transformation in 7 Key Steps. It is an informative, interactive guide which includes all the healing meditations so you can navigate the path of your own unfolding in your own comfortable way.

Life takes on a magical quality when you are truly present in the moment – something that can be practiced with meditation. I think you will enjoy my rework of one of your favourite meditations: Ho’oponopono, Cutting Connections, accessible under Products. You can access further healing meditations FREE on

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