Transcending Fear

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The personal transformational work of most of us on the path of growth and evolution is releasing fear. Fear comes in many disguises, from mild tension to panic and phobias. Fear fuels worry, anxiety, self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Fear stops you from going for what you want to do and living your life to the full.

What is the root cause of fear?

The importance we attach to material things and the ego’s investment in a specific outcome are the greatest underlying causes. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the material abundance of this world, however if it becomes our overriding focus, it can cause stress.

Fear and stress is a modern day dis-ease

We think our workload and our busy lives cause the stress. In reality our thinking causes stress – our fear-based thoughts. ‘What ifs’ about all manner of things that could go wrong are projected ahead of us into the future. These thoughts are more often about what we don’t want to happen. Negative emotions cause a release of stress hormones. If these emotions are not worked through, they are stored in the body. The body reads the mind all the time. Stress literally causes the DNA strands to contract, wind tight and shut down, limiting the potential we can tap into. The body is not designed to be in a prolonged fearful, stressful state. Unresolved, suppressed emotions can cause dis-ease in the body. According to cell biologist Bruce Lipton, 95% of all modern day ill-health is caused by stress.

Can you live a life free from fear?

That’s the key focus of my work at Bright Future Now. My strongest desire for everyone is that they recognise fear as the great illusion of the mind. This means fear exists mostly in the mind – not out there. How we perceive the world, events and circumstances is just a matter of perception. And these perceptions can be challenged and changed for the better. Time Line Therapy™ offers powerful techniques to overcome anxiety and fear, let go of limiting beliefs that keep you from doing what you want and build empowering beliefs and confidence instead.

Thankfully we live in a time when a shift from this fear-based world-view is not only possible but commonplace. We’ve been learning through experiencing difficulty and suffering. We’ve developed beliefs such as ‘no pain no gain’. The time of learning through suffering can indeed be over now. We can learn and evolve through interest, creativity and positive experience, motivated by excitement and love for the greater good.

Relax and become creative 

As you transcend the illusion of fear, the anxious mental chatter goes and the mind becomes still. Just imagine when your only thoughts are those of your subtle inner guidance; leaving you free to access love and positivity, flow with life and open up to your creativity and true potential. Positive emotions cause DNA to relax and unwind so growth can take place, creativity can be tapped and new possibilities can be realised. The human being is far more magnificent than we realise and the potential you can tap into is infinite.

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