7 Essential Energy Practices to Ensure Good Health

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Essential energy practicesOur everyday work, interactions with people, thoughts, emotions, concerns and stresses, can leave us feeling drained and energetically flat. If we don’t do something to rebalance ourselves, this energy drain can impact on our mood and on the physical body in the form of aches, pains and even illness. There is so much you can do to restore and rebalance yourself. Here we suggest 7 subtle, simple and easy energy practices. You can think of these practices as a pro-active investment in your own good health.

1. Grounding
As we go about our day, the mind can be all over the place – running ahead, thinking, planning, stressing; or going over the past – analysing, regretting, blaming. In contrast, the present moment is completely free from stress. Planning and evaluating has its purpose, but life can only be lived in the present moment. Mindfulness practices enables us to get out of the mind and live life through our senses. Through grounding we bring the mind and our awareness back to the body so that we can be here, present in the moment, enjoying life as a sense-experience. An easy grounding practice (preferably done outside), is to feel your bare feet connected and rooted to the Earth. This connection in itself is very nourishing, cleansing and energising.

2. Clearing
Are you one of those people to whom others come with their stories, seeking advice or just dumping their stuff on you? Our interaction with people can be uplifting at times and at other times it can leave us feel energetically emptied or contaminated. Have you ever visited a chaotic shopping centre or made a visit to the hospital and came back home feeling drained? Emotions are contagious and naturally affect us. Equally, the laws of energy are similar to the natural laws. If you open a canal lock water will naturally flow from the higher level to the lower level until it is at the same level. Similarly, when you are buzzing with energy and then interact with someone low in energy, they may leave buzzing and you just feel empty. It’s natural to take on emotions and energy of others during your daily interactions. Just make sure you clear yourself of it again. You can clear yourself of residual gunky energy through your grounding practices, much in the way electricity is balanced by earthing it. Meditation is another way of clearing the mind, creating stillness and refreshing your energy.

3. Cleansing
In the world of energy, much can be done through visualisation and intention. When you shower or bath, you can intend that you cleanse your energy field and refresh yourself mentally, emotional and physically. In a meditative state you can visualise a cleansing light showering down on you, cleansing the body and the energy field around you. Give the gadgets a break. The electromagnetic smog they emanate, impacts on your energy levels. Spring clean your house, clean your car and declutter with intent. Your mind will feel all the clearer for it.

The inside creates the outside and the outside impacts the inside

4. Letting go
Negative thoughts and low, or fearful or angry emotions can sap your energy. The simple practice of letting go can be very healing. Releasing the thoughts and emotions through intent, can make you feel lighter. This is another purpose of meditation. Follow this Mindfulness Healing Meditation to reflect on the issues of the day, learn from them and then let them go. This way you can put the day to bed and tomorrow can be a whole new beginning, a clean slate. This is the beauty of life: everyday can be a new beginning.

‘When the mind is left without anything to cling to, it becomes still’ – Sri Ramana Maharshi

5. Cutting cords
The ancient people of Hawaii had a great understanding of energy. They believed that we carry everyone we ever connected with inside us as part of us. When we are with another person, we connect energetically through the auras. Connections are made through rapport, touch, strong emotions (even anger and upset), strong thoughts and communication (even on the phone). Such connections, they believed, is made by means of an ‘aka’ cord. Aka is the sticky substance of the aura that keeps us connected, even after parting, and that opens a flow of energy between us. If you have many such connections open, your energy can feel scattered. That means your energy is leaking; flowing out to others without a purpose. You are supplying others with your energy. If you still feel angry or upset with someone, these strong emotions keep you energetically attached. That’s why that person remains on your mind. Forgiveness restores your energy and your health and sets you free. This release can feel like a huge weight shifting as you put the past behind you peacefully.

A powerful healing meditation to cut the energy cords after you have interacted with people, is the Huna practice called Ho’oponopono. I use this fairly frequently to clear any thoughts or emotions after intense interactions, to let go of people on my mind, to cut cords and bring my energy back intact. In this way you can put the past behind you and relate to those around you afresh. Sometimes you have to say no to some of the demands people place on you, so that you can restore yourself and create balance between others’ needs and your own.

6. Refreshing
Many of the energy practices such as Yoga and Tai-Chi have the purpose of cleansing, refreshing and re-energising your energy. Walking in nature can be equally refreshing. Nature is naturally cleansing. When you walk near water or trees, you can intend that your mind clears, that thoughts wash away and that your aura is cleansed in the breeze.

7. Re-energising
There is much you can do to re-energise yourself. We get energy from the food we eat, water we drink, soaking up sunlight and exercising. One of the most effective ways of re-energising yourself is through breathing practices – another purpose of meditation.

Importance of the breath
– Breath is life. As long as we breathe we are alive!
– Breath is energy. Through breathing we generate energy.
– Breath is spirit. As we breathe in – inspire – we enliven ourselves.

Benefits of breathing
The simple practice of deep breathing is the most effective way to:
– Energise yourself
– Detoxify – 70% of toxins in the body are released through breathing
– Relax – a longer out-breath, like a sigh, relaxes the nervous system
– Slow your heart rate
– Raise your energy to higher vibrations and you feel uplifted
– Clear the mind
– Align your mind, body and soul
– Restore balance.

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