2019 – Your Year of Expansion

2018 was a year of radical transformation, digging deep into the depth of our being, purging, healing, changing, unfolding and for many it came with a question of identity: Who am I really? What is really important to me? 

2019 – The Year of Expansion, Growth and Becoming 

So, there are three BIG questions to ask yourself this New Year:

  • Why do I do what I do? 
  • Who am I (becoming)? 
  • What do I (really) want (to express)?

New Year Reflections

Before you make any resolutions, start the New Year with a bit of time for reflection: 

  • Who am I really?
  • What am I really doing?
  • What do I really want to do?
  • Who am I becoming?

Do it from a basis of self-acceptance – not looking at what is missing. It’s not about proving yourself to others, it’s not about the roles and expectations others have for you and it’s not about perfection either. A desire for perfection is not realistic and can lead to depression. Rather make it a reflection of: Who am I really? What do I want to do? Reflect from a perspective of your own path of growth, how you can move forward and expand.


The Foundations of Mastery, 12 Steps to a Fulfilled Life is being released this month. So the ‘How’ of self-mastery will be our key theme this year. The first Step of Self-mastery relates to power and purpose. Bring this as a foundation into your reflection. 


More than ever before, the world needs you to act from within your true power; your gift of greatness. We may be thinking of great leaders in history who displayed remarkable strength and power, such as Gandhi’s power in gentleness that saved a nation, or Churchill who led the nation fearlessly during a time of war. This power and potential for greatness is in all of us. Now is the time to step into your true higher power for a higher purpose. Power is a strong foundation like that of a sturdy tree, solid and grounded. With power in the base, you can stand your ground, courageously and strong, while flexibly flowing with life, like willow branches in the wind, acting on your inner guidance in the moment. Embracing your true power is key to mastery.


Start the New Year with a strong base from where to live your purpose. The purpose of life is to learn, grow and evolve. Your purpose may be multi-fold. Your inner purpose may be to overcome fears and limiting beliefs, claim your gifts and step into your power; set yourself free from criticism and opinions and follow your own path. Your outer purpose may be to challenge existing societal beliefs and judgement about rights and wrongs and about what’s ‘normal’; and to initiate or create something unique to you, that will benefit others, help them to heal, grow and evolve. All consciousness is connected, and as you move through your own fears into your giftedness and greatness, you also help to liberate and uplift the whole of humanity.

New Year Resolutions

Now is the time to ignite that fire deep inside. Goals are about the big picture; the higher vision. Sometimes we get too focused on the nitty gritty of everyday details and trivia. Yesterday, we went for a walk, climbed a hill and enjoyed a beautiful, higher vision and greater expansion. Sometime it takes climbing a hill to get out of the detail. That stimulates and inspires the mind to take in the bigger picture. What is your New Year’s desire and how can you align your goals with your purpose to make them truly meaningful?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I truly doing what I came to do? 
  • Am I ever becoming the best I can be?
  • How can I move closer to my highest potential this year? 

Goal-setting gets you from confusion, ordinary and random to clarity, growth and expansion.

Do You Believe You Can Do It?

It takes exactly the same mental processes to set and achieve small goals as it does big goals. So, you may as well set yourself big goals. Doubts can creep in. Do you believe you can I do it? Because 2019 is your year of expansion and growth, purge yourself now from any past limitations, boundaries and restrictions and create a new foundation. Step into those big boots and fill them. You have everything it takes to succeed already inside you. You are more gifted and powerful than you can imagine, you are it, you are ever evolving, becoming, unfolding. 

This is 2019, when you can finally break out of the mould; out of the conditioning of the past. Claim your gifts and step into your true creative power. 

Make 2019 your year of expansion and growth. May you be all you can be.


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Cause or Effect – it’s a Choice

Recently we had work done on the roof. We lived in a chaotic mess. It was a testing experience with many lessons and insights. I found myself blaming and pointing fingers, wanting to control things. I had a choice: Let go of control and learn to take charge, or carry on blaming others… There were also lessons about the nature of my thoughts and what I am creating …

On our current NLP Practitioner’s Course with an amazing group of open-minded thinkers, we have been exploring the depth of the Law of Cause and Effect:

‘Am I at the effect of testing people and random circumstances?’
‘Am I a creator of my own experiences through my own thoughts, expectations, feelings and perceptions?’

First Step, Waking up to My Role

This first awakening takes a huge mental shift; a shift in awareness. When we first awaken to our own role and our own personal power, everything changes. Our perceptions, beliefs, values, attitudes and approach to life change radically. The world of form becomes less solid. We become less externally orientated. Instead of looking outside of us for reasons of what is happening in our lives, we become aware how we cause or create the events and circumstance in our lives with our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and intentions. With this new personal empowerment we become the creators of our lives and begin to live magically. It is a huge process of self-discovery and we see everything differently now. The old ways are gone for good and we perceive life in a whole new way. We become aware, awake and conscious of our actions and ready to take full responsibility for our lives. This is immensely empowering.

Until this first awakening we have mental blinkers; unaware of our own role. Consequently, as we experience life’s challenges, we often feel at the effect of people and circumstances. We then have the tendency to point fingers and blame others, looking for excuses; for reasons outside ourselves for the mishaps in our own lives. Effectively we declare ourselves victims in an unfair world. Victimhood may sound like a harsh word here, however that’s what we are whenever we feel something is happening to us and that we can’t do anything about it. The problem with being a victim at the effect, is that it is disempowering. We feel unable to act, helpless – a helpless victim looking for someone or something to blame to take the pressure off ourselves. It may take the pressure off temporarily, but it leaves us disempowered. We have a choice…

It takes a huge mental shift from this cozy yet powerless position towards taking full responsibility. This first shift from victimhood to 100% responsibility is the first step in personal empowerment. It is an awakening to the fact that we are essentially creators.

Thoughts Matter as they become Matter

With our thoughts and feelings we create our own reality. Thoughts create emotions with vibrations that attract likeness to us. For example, if I perceive the world as a fearful place, I am likely to attract circumstances to me that create more fear. If I have a belief that people can’t be trusted, I am likely to attract to me people that can’t be trusted, and so prove myself right. It is a simple Law of Cause and Effect. The belief attracts and creates the reality. We attract to us according to how we are. The inner creates the outer. All experiences are on the inside. Through our perceptions they only appear to be on the outside. This is why, on our journey to empowerment, we continuously endeavour to bring our often subtle unconscious beliefs, perceptions and feelings into conscious awareness. The mere awareness activates change.

So this first shift demands that we take responsibility for our perceptions, beliefs and experiences. Taking 100% responsibility is 100% empowering. It offers us CHOICE and the ability to make change. Our work is always inner-work. We can’t change others. We can only change ourselves; and when we do, everything begins to change for the better. The inner changes the outer, and it happens quite magically.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to take full responsibility and adopt empowering beliefs.

Taking Full Responsibility

Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect is a universal and natural law that implies that everything that happens, has a cause. We can also look at Cause and Effect from a perspective of empowerment. Cause and Effect are two very different realities that we can find ourselves in. Where you find yourself is a matter of consciousness.

Someone ‘At Effect‘ feels affected by people and circumstances and often end up making excuses, blaming others for the situations they find themselves in. These excuses could sound anything like this:
I would be successful if it was not for …………
It’s not my fault ….
Things always go wrong for me.
Why does it always happen to me?
I am being punished…
I’m unlucky…

Such perceptions can feel very real, but not very useful at all as it effectively leaves you feeling powerless to do anything about it.

The single most empowering mental shift we can make is a choice to shift our consciousness from Effect to Cause.

Being ‘At Cause‘ is empowering. It implies taking full responsibility; adopting an approach that says to the world:
I am able to respond
I am in the driving seat of my own life
I take charge
I create my own reality
I accept that I am where I am because of decisions I made, either consciously or unconsciously. If I like where I am that’s good. If I don’t, I know I can change it
I have choices
I am in control of my mind and my thoughts and therefore my outcomes and results.

Results or Reasons
When we are ‘At Cause’ we are in charge of the results we want to achieve. When ‘At Effect’ we tend to come up with reasons and excuses for not achieving the results we wanted. Being ‘At Cause’ means you are doing away with the reasons and excuses, and when you do, you begin to experience results.

Responsibility for Results
Taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life is 100% empowerment.
‘For everything?’ you may ask. Yes, for everything that is happening in your universe.
This doesn’t mean you begin to blame yourself. No, it means you are taking charge of your thoughts and experiences, and that you are prepared to do introspection: “If the external world is a reflection of my internal world, what do I need to work on in myself or adjust in my own approach to make my world a better place?” As you begin to take charge of your mind, thoughts and perceptions, you start to create your desired results every time.

Life does not happen to us; life responds to us – Rhonda Byrne

So this first shift is a conscious decision; a deliberate mental shift from Effect to Cause; from Victim to Creator. Even after the initial decision, we may have to keep ourselves in check. When you find yourself in a challenging situation, watch your thoughts and reaction. Ask yourself: “Am I now at Effect or am I at Cause?”. “If I were at Cause, how would I react differently?”

The Law of Karma
Cause and Effect is also the Cosmic Law of Karma so it’s worth getting this in perspective. Karma is a lack or absence of balanced experience (Robert Schwartz (2012). Cause and Effect is about learning; it’s not a punishment. Karma simply translates as action. For every action there is a reaction; an effect. We all cultivate a karmic state or a karmic disposition which is the results of our beliefs, values, intentions, thoughts and actions. This of course can change, and does change as we learn. Learning brings the unconscious programmes into conscious awareness, allowing us to make adjustments in our choices. When the learning is done, karma is done. We are then free to create a new reality.

As a Creator You have Choice

I Choose:
-To live by choice, not by chance
-To make changes, not excuses
-To be motivated, not manipulated
-To be useful, not used
-To excel, not compete
-Self-esteem, not self-pity
-To listen to my inner voice
-Not the random opinions of others

These concepts of personal empowerment are further explored in Lifting the Veils of Illusion