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Spring is a good time to focus on health and well-being. Traditionally a time of spring cleaning the house and detoxing the body, it just seems natural to write about health in this month’s blog. I found inspiration in a book I re-discovered on the bookshelf whilst spring cleaning the study – “The 22 (non-negotiable) Laws of Wellness” by Greg Anderson. This book is going to stay with me a little longer I feel. I’ve drawn from this book and added a few more universal insights:

1.The Law of Personal Accountability
Sometimes we take good health for granted, assuming the body will just keep going. Other times we believe good luck or family genes determine our health. This Law of Accountability states that we are responsible, first and foremost, for our own wellness. This Law is also a Law of Choice. Our lifestyle choices regarding food, drink, habits, medication, physical activity, stress-management and leisure activity is primarily under our own control. We have considerable personal power to create the life and wellness we want, rather than just reacting to life’s events.

2. The Law of Unity
The mind, body and soul are one integrated, inseparable unit. This Law is about our wholeness. The awareness that the mind, body and soul in one integrated whole, is the principle all holistic health and healing modalities are based on. There is constant interaction between mind, body and soul. The body reads the mind all the time and simply plays out symptoms. The cause of 95% of modern day dis-ease is to be found at the level of mind and emotions. This is very self-empowering as you are in charge of your mind and emotions and this leads us into the next Law.

The part can never be well unless the whole is well – Plato

3. The Law of Emotional Choice
Our feelings are very real and this Law directs us to acknowledge our feelings, feel them and learn from them without getting stuck in them. This Law encourages us to experience the full range of emotions with awareness. Experience it, learn from it and then choose the change you want to make. Our emotions are under our control too. For example, if you feel angry or sad, you do so for a reason. If you hold onto the anger, you make yourself ill. We know this even from the instant headache it can give you. Equally, if you feel fears or anxiety, do you avoid the issue or face it? Facing the fear by taking even a small step to do something about it, is exercising choice, building confidence, restoring wellness and putting the smile in your heart again. Recently a client who failed her drivers test 5 times, came for two sessions before the next test. Her choices and actions brought her success the 6th attempt.

4. The Law of Balance
This Law permits all thing in good balance. We’ve all experienced the stress of over-extending ourselves. This Law asks us to balance others with self; action with resting; doing with being; left brain thinking with right brain creativity; business with leisure; giving with receiving, feasting with fasting; future planning with flowing in the moment. Meditation and Mindfulness practices can be real nourishing treats for the mind and soul – not a chore, but a treat. A vibrant balance between mind, body and soul makes the wellness world go around. All the Laws of Wellness clearly work together.

5. The Law of Energy
Everything is energy. Everything manifests out of nothing, the thin blue air into something tangible. That’s the Law of Creation, of Manifestation. Our every thought, word and behaviour affect our world and our overall well-being. Energy is the life force in you. Your energy levels give you vitality and vibrance. You can manage and maintain your own energy levels through recharging just like we recharge batteries. That’s what we do during Reiki treatments and other energy practices such as yoga and tai chi. Your energy field can also be cleared and cleansed from your day’s activities and interactions by getting a breath of fresh air and walking and being in the great outdoor world with its refreshing renewing nature. A clear and vibrant energy field naturally manifests as good health and well-being; perfect cause and effect. It’s the easiest investment in your own wellness, it’s free and it’s in your hands.

6. The Law of Espirit
Wellness is so much more than eating healthy and exercise regularly. The single overriding objective in wellness is creating constant personal renewal, grabbing each day as a miraculous gift and enjoying it to the full. That’s the Law of Espirit: Living life with joy. Joy is the emotion evoked by wellbeing. If life is a constant battle against weight gain, trying to keep fit, a career of duty and struggle or toxic relationships, then we have missed wellness, we have missed the joy. When we focus on difficulty, we create more difficulty. Espirit is shifting our awareness to look for the joys in the small things. We become aware of life as it is, here and now, and we celebrate it. Espirit is an intense love affair with life. It is making the most of the here and the now, enjoying what is at hand, as we go along. Joy in life is the marker by which all wellness is measured.

7. The Greatest Law
The Law of Love, unconditional love. Life is precious and the pursuit of your highest potential is the true wellness journey. What then is the ultimate goal that transcends all other goals in life? Is it health, is it wealth, wisdom, success or freedom? The greatest pursuit is the practice of the greatest Law, the Law of Love. It is a choice to love without regard to any conditions. Love can be very healing. Sometimes it implies deep forgiveness. Love is also self-love, complete self-acceptance and self-compassion. This sets us free from guilt, blame and hate. It replaces the critical voice with an encouraging, gentle, compassionate, uplifting voice. It sets us free from comparing ourselves with others and generating dissatisfaction. Love encourages us to value our own uniqueness. This law’s power extends far beyond our personal wellness and our individual lives. By our response of love we become an instrument of peace. Through love we heal and transform others and we become co-creators of a world with endless possibilities.

May we each know wellness. May the planet know wellness.

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