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Spring is so magical. It follows after every winter and yet every year it feels miraculously new. Every daffodil seems such a wonder, as if never experienced before. And it comes with such joy and excitement as we finally exit the dark damp months and enter the light. This is the quality of a new beginning. As nature awakens, so do we. A new energy surges and you can feel it. The sun’s warming energy brings colour to the landscape. As our rhythms are so intertwined with the rhythms and cycles of nature, the inner landscape of the mind also awakens with creative energy. How can we best use this natural starter energy of Spring? What new idea, initiative or project do you want to launch? What seed do you want to plant and grow?

Lifting the Veils of Illusion

Book PromoNewly published, this book offers access to free audio meditations – one of which is a Mindfulness Meditation that guides you to connect with the vibrance and vitality of the Spring energy – a time of new beginnings. You can join and listen now on our sister site:

Every day can truly be a new beginning – a theme highlighted in this book. Regardless of the nature of the past, we can make change in a moment. That’s what we do in Transformational Therapy. As we release the emotions and limiting beliefs of the past, we create a clean slate from where you can launch the new. For more click through on Timeline Therapy™, Hypnotherapy and Soul Coaching.

Lightworkers Activating Course

On the theme of renewal: – On the Lightworkers Activating Course, the healing and activation meditations are designed to let go of the old to let in the new. Old patterns, emotions, habits and negative thought forms are released. As the darkness goes, the light can set in. New positive thought forms are adopted and resources activated that’s been there latent inside of you all along. A unique and exciting experience – participants blossom as they open up to their higher abilities and energy sensitivity. This course runs again in May to extend the opportunity – book early to ensure your space. All details are on the Events Calendar.

Introduction to NLP

Join us for an Introduction to NLP on Saturday 12th March 2016. The focus is on advanced communication-, people- and mental skills. We cover fascinating information about people and their different learning styles. You will learn about the nervous system and how we are more productive when in a relaxed, creative state. You will also learn how to put yourself in this state quickly and easily. You will learn a lot about the magic of the unconscious mind and how to work with the unconscious mind to tap into your latent potential.

NLP is really about personal empowerment, how to create your own outcomes and how to get the best out of people. I run this certificated course at home as a small group in a relaxed informal setting. I will also prepare something for lunch.

NLP techniques is applicable in Business Success, Coaching, Counselling, Teaching, Relationships, Parenting, Presenting, and much more. Benefits to you are numerous: Improved confidence, Career enhancement, Stress reduction, Increased productivity, Overcoming self-limiting beliefs, Enhanced communication and people skills, Personal empowerment, Positive language skills and more. See the Events Calendar for full details.

For Hypnosis Practitioner’s Course and further events visit the Events Calendar.

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