9 Mastery Practices for Mental Clarity and Awareness

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After that intense start to the year, with much focus on our physical existence – work, money and health – February brings a much needed brightness and a feeling of moving ahead with fresh ideas, potentials and possibilities. This shift from the physical to mental, will also speed up the pace of life and with it, the mind can feel buzzing and stimulated. This is a time to stay alert, aware, awake and attuned. How can you guard against overstimulation, mental clutter  and overwhelm? This month, we explore 9 essential mastery practices for mental clarity and awareness. 

1. Decluttering

Cleaning, clearing, tidying and decluttering has many benefits:

    • It creates the space to allow in the new,
    • It gives you clarity so you can see clearly what’s there and what’s not,
    • It frees up energy,
    • It increases your efficiency,
    • This practice of letting go, clears your mind. The inside creates the outside and the outside impacts the inside.

More on How to declutter your mind on Ideas.Ted.com

2. Letting go

Declutter not just your environment. Clear your mind as well. As you let go of things, also let go of beliefs and ideas that you’ve outgrown. Let go of the ego and its fears, grudges, expectations and disappointments. A clean slate creates new opportunities and new doors will open. Welcome the new.

3. Practicing Self-care

Self-care is more important now than ever before. It’s is an essential practice for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Find out more about the why, what and how of Self-care.

4. Finding Balance

Balance is a key life lesson for many of us. Look after your nervous system, your body and your immune system now that the pace of life is speeding up. Your body will tell you that it’s time to stop and restore the balance for your health’s sake. What do we mean by finding balance? Here are Practical Ways to Restoring Balance in You.

5. Staying Grounded

With this shift to mental activities, and the speeding up of the pace of life, it’s important to stay grounded in the body. Manage the speed of life by taking time out, slowing down and coming back to the body. When we’re in the body with awareness, we are present in the moment. This presence naturally clears the thoughts and frees the mind. Have a daily grounding practice, like walking in nature to clear the mind. This connection with nature is deeply nourishing, cleansing and re-energising. You can also discharge into the earth any excess mental energy. This connection with the body and the Earth, awakens the senses and restores the joy of life as a sense-experience.  

6. Being Your True Authentic Self

Be who you are now, not who you were or thought you had to be. 2020 is all about stepping up into your highest potential; bringing your true magnificent self out into the world. It’s about being ok with your own uniqueness and feeling that you can comfortably express your unique self in the world. Set intentions about what you really want. Get clear on your goals and how you want to authentically express these in the world with courage. Your choices are powerful creative forces. Step into your mastery. How do you want to shine and share your energy in the world? How do you want to contribute to the bigger scheme of things as your true individuated self? Honour and respect everyone’s uniqueness and equally feel freer to be your own unique self courageously.

Thoroughly contemplate this: What makes me different and what difference do I make?

7. Cultivating a Compassionate Inner Voice

As you practice mastery, it will be natural to want to continue bettering yourself. Do so with compassion to yourself. An inner critical voice won’t make you feel good about yourself and has the opposite effect. Replace the critical voice with a compassionate voice that still wants you to grow, yet nudges you gently in a non-judgmental compassionate way.

8. Flowing with the Energy

We’ve just entered the Chinese year of the Rat. It’s a Metal Rat which is really mental. Find out more how you can flow with the energy of the month and year by clicking through to
Cosmic Overview and Current Energies.

9. Meditation 

Practice mindfulness of your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs and their creative power. Meditation is a most restorative and healing practice for the mind. Join us this month for a meditation course with a difference. On 28th February we are starting the 7-week Meditation Course in Preston – Where we’ll lift the veils of illusion, peek into the unseen, share ancient wisdom and consult ground-breaking science, enabling you to see the world in a whole new way. You will grow in clarity and transform as a person. Essentially the meditations are healing and transformational, designed to facilitate your progression. Full details are on our Events Calendar


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