2020, the Year of Evolutionary Growth

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Welcome to 2020, a new year; a new decade. We are entering a hugely transformational time – a year of evolutionary growth; globally and personally. 2020 starts a decade of significant world changes, big choices and deep healing. 2019 brought an old cycle to an end and 2020 starts a whole new cycle. How can you enter this year meaningfully and rise to its demands for stepping up in responsibility, maturity and mastery? To assist you with clarity and vision, here are 3 key questions to ask yourself in January 2020:

1. What are you letting go of?

Right from the start of the year, as you become motivated to open up to something new, you’ll be nudged to let go of the old – of something you’ve outgrown or something that’s lost it’s relevance or some change you want to make now. You’ll know, because you’ll feel ready to let it go as something new is coming up. How do you want to change consciously? What habits and patterns do you want to release? As you let go, you create the essential space for a whole new energy and focus to enter your life. Feel it intuitively, honour it and then, set the intention to let it go. The intention is the catalyst that sets you free and opens you up to the new. How do you want to grow consciously? How can you release fear, especially fear of change, and open up to love, connection and expansion?

2. What are you opening up to?

What does your heart want? Feel it within. What do you love doing? What is your soul directive? Why are you here now? What is your purpose? 2020 demands of us to really be our true authentic selves. Often we hold back and show a side to the world that we feel comfortable with, fearing what others may be thinking if we reveal it all. Now is the time to finally release those fears and doubts, let your true self come to the fore, be who you are and do what you feel called to do in the world. 

As you open your heart, everyone around you is uplifted by the light you emanate.

Streamline your focus by taking Question 2 into the areas of your life relevant to the themes we face in 2020:

Health and healing – emotional healing, ancestral healing, relational healing and healing of the planet.

Career and business – step up in your career; your business as an authority in your own right. Set big goals for the next decade. Do this in alignment with your soul directive; your purpose. Own your power and express it responsibly for the greater good.

Growth and spirituality – release doubts and fears, step up in responsibility, maturity and mastery. Let love be your motivation.

Finance – target your resources in alignment with your focused priorities. 

3. What are you committing to?

What is your long term commitment? What does this decade hold for you? Whilst there may be many big changes on a global scale, ask yourself: “How am I choosing to create and shape my world?”. This will help you to prioritise and focus your resources in alignment with your key commitments. It will also help you to say no to seemingly pressing issues others may bring across your path, knowing you only have so much time, energy and resources. You may have had a vision; a dream for a while, this year holds the energy to pull that vision through into form; into practical manifestation. 

Mastery is doing the inner work. The outer world will respond.

Themes for 2020

Big change, big magical opportunity, expansion, responsible choices, healing, awakening, clarity, 2020 vision – seeing clearly.

What you may experience in the world

Significant world changes
Changes in global power structures  
Spiritual awakening rising on the planet 
The truth being revealed
Secrets being unveiled.

What you may experience in your life 

Broadened perspective; seeing things in a new light 
A new focus, change or step up in what you do
Increased productivity
Projects manifesting.

What you may experience in yourself

Insight in what’s happening in the world
Increased awareness
Intuitive insights
Heightened presence
Insights in yourself
Growth, maturity and mastery of your own personal power.

Tips for approaching 2020 

Stay in the heart; practice heart coherence
Get back to basics
Stay grounded 
Invest in wellness
Balance technology with face to face interaction
Make responsible choices – considering the impact on yourself, others and the planet 
Live practically in the present moment 
Get clear on what you really want. Why are you here right now?
Have a plan; make decisions 
Act on your vision – take practical steps to make things happen 
Connect and collaborate 
Use your creativity 
Slow down 
Connect with nature 
Be emotionally aware
Practice mindfulness 
Keep a positive outlook 
Be true to yourself; speaking your own truth 
Own and express your power, responsibly
Do the inner work of Mastery.


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