2018 – The Year of Transformation and Growth

2017 brought a number of things to a close for us – it was a time of endings, releasing and letting go of much of the old. We’ve experienced so much change in the world; globally and locally. 2017 has been a clearing of the slate; laying the foundation for something new and although everything is still uncertain, you can now begin to open up to the new. You may have been like a pupa in a chrysalis, feeling massive shifts of transformation, often painful, scary and confusing. You’ve been laying the foundation from which a butterfly can emerge.

2018 – the year of radical transformation and rapid growth – the kind of radical change that the caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly. Now, the butterfly may not be quite ready to emerge. It may have to strengthen its wings as part of continuous systematic foundational work before it can take off and expand. It may have to experiment, explore and experience much to familiarise itself with its new form. There are new possibilities and potential to tap; a new power and purpose to fulfil. You may have to be practical to anchor in your growth because even though it may still be unclear, what you are becoming is truly magnificent.

At Bright Future Now, we have developed key themes and focus areas for 2018 to enable your journey of unfoldment so you have the structure and power to boldly step into your true purpose this year:

Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth

Transformation has always been our focus. This year we are geared to use the magic of transformational therapy and coaching to dramatically accelerate your transformation and growth. We have refined a program over the years that perfectly covers every essential step on your path of growth. Firstly, we clear up and heal the past. This means releasing all negative emotions, dealing with the baggage that we’ve accumulated and changing our unhelpful patterns. Secondly, we release any limiting beliefs, focus on confidence-building and adopting empowering self-belief. Then you are ready to step into your true power and purpose. You can create 2018 and beyond as your time to unfold, shine and thrive by means of purposeful intention-setting and visualisation. The complete process on the path of transformation and growth is described here and the new Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth Program we will run in February may be just where you want to start.

Evolving Through Mastering the Art of Relationships

Our relationships with others, mirror our primary relationship – with ourselves. Through relationships we evolve and learn more about ourselves. To master the art of relationships, we have to deepen our understand of the deep psychology of perceptions and how we project our own perceptions onto others. What you see in others is who you are yourself (what you like and don’t like). We are always looking in a mirror. When we challenge and change our perceptions, everything and everyone around us begins to change in a real magical way. If our views of reality are only a perception and everything we perceive outside of us is a projection from inside of us, then it’s time to really take charge of our perceptions. It seems much easier to blame others and wanting them to change. Taking responsibility for your own perceptions and embarking on the great inner work is real empowerment and true self-mastery.


This year we are delighted to introduce a new course for those who have been on the path of personal transformation for a while now. You may have advanced on your journey of personal development and growth and may feel ready for further refinement. We’ve decided to roll this out as a Meditation Course – an 8-Step Journey of Empowerment through mastery of mind, body, energy, emotions and soul. You will experience the secret principles and practices that the masters have known for eons and new science is just beginning to reveal. You can now take charge of your life as your own master and become more of your true magnificent self here on Earth.

Healing the Fearful Ego

A continued main theme of our work is recognising the suffering-creating programs of the ego, overcoming fears and working towards wholeness. Fears are often the result of hurtful experiences of the past. Perhaps this year we will find a way to forgive our past, forgive the pain and accept more love in our hearts and in our relationships. Integrating the limiting, reactive ego-self into your true, expansive, magnificent higher self, brings the kind of wholeness which allows you to open up to love and all its lightness, positivity, possibilities and upliftment.

Restructure your Foundations and Strengthening your Wings

We are all going through so much change as the old ways of being continue to crumble and fall away. You may have a vision of the the new, and not quite know how to bring it about. In reality, you have all that it takes already inside you – a true authority and power that can be tapped to make the desired change in your life and the world you live in. It may well be why you are here.

Re-birth through Practical Creativity

You came into this world with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities and a desire to express these in a unique way for your own expansion and for the betterment of the world. Many of the challenges you have experienced in life only happen for your growth, maturity, preparation and readiness to step boldly onto your true path; your true purpose. Eckhart Tolle describes our inner and outer purposes. The two are intertwined. Your inner purpose is to awaken and expand in consciousness. Your inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling our outer purpose. Your outer purpose is to create the kind of New Earth that you want to live in.

Transformation is often more about undoing than doing. Sometimes we have to enter the deeper waters of our feelings, intuition and true inner power that stir in you the inspiration and desire to claim your gifts and express your own uniqueness in a practical creative way.

May 2018 be your year of transformation, growth and expansion. The time is right now, for you to claim and express your gifts, to unfold your wings and do what you came to do creatively in the world.

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11 Mysterious Facts About Your Emotions

We live in a society that values intellect over emotions. Our upbringing and education tells us how to think and how to be successful, but hardly ever how to deal with emotions. Furthermore we tend to approach our health more on a physical and scientific level. We may visit the doctor, the dentist and the gym and may have certain dietary-related practices to ensure good physical health, but what do we do to invest in our emotional and mental health? I’m a great believer in the mind-body link.

A healthy mind develops a healthy body. The mind can be a mystery and emotions can be bizarre, so here I share 11 mysterious facts about the nature and functions of your emotions:

It’s real
Accept what you feel as real. Your feelings are more real than your thoughts. They rise from a place of your authentic self. You are human after all, so tune into your feelings. The knowing and accepting of the feeling is the seed of healing. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. Avoiding your feelings means you are ignoring a call from your deeper unconscious. This can result in suppression of emotions. Suppression will just cause emotions to linger and grow stronger. Eventually unhealed emotions impact on your physical health. There is a researched link between suppressed emotions and cancer. There is also a link between anger and high blood pressure and between heart disease and hostility or cynicism. (Hanson 2009  and  Edwards 2010)

It’s all linked
Emotions are stored like clusters of similar types (e.g. anger or fear) in the unconscious mind, which is why they tend to accumulate and grow stronger. The bag gets full. When you experience a new event causing you fear, it brings up all past fears because the mind associates the new event with past experiences of the same emotion. In therapy, we always look for the root cause; the start of the cluster. That way, we can get to the bottom of it and release the entire cluster. The result is like a good cleanse, the bag gets emptied and you feel much lighter, at peace and you can move ahead.

It’s unconscious
The unconscious mind represses memories with unresolved negative emotions. These could be emotionally traumatic events. It does this for your own protection; to help you get through your day or get on with life.

Often in discussion about past events, clients will say to me: Oh I’ve dealt with that. It doesn’t bother me anymore. They think they’ve dealt with it, instead they’ve packed it away. Stored emotions are chemicals in the cells and can create physical discomfort and health conditions over time. Stress hormones are an example familiar to most of us.

It’s irrational
Your emotional unconscious mind works radically different from your logical rational mind. There’s nothing rational about emotions. It’s completely irrational. It’s still real though. Phobias are classic examples. People with phobias like fears of open spaces, public speaking, failure, buttons, birds, and the like, say they know it’s irrational and yet they still feel it.

Your unconscious mind, being irrational, may pick strange moments to bring up repressed memories for emotional healing and releasing. It gauges, in its own irrational way, that you are ready to face the feelings and deal with it.

It’s like water
E-motion is energy in motion. Emote means to flow through and out. Healthy emotions have the same fluidity as water. Emotions need to flow through you, and expression is a way of doing it. From a therapeutic perspective, emotions aren’t a problem unless they are unresolved, accumulated or suppressed. Saying how you feel can educate those around you and they can get to know you better.

It’s a coded language
As with pain in the body, our emotions are actually messages from the unconscious mind. These aren’t always immediately obvious, yet there’s a lot to learn from it. Anger for example, can mean that someone may have overstepped a line and that it may be time to re-assert your boundaries. Anxiety tells us that the mind is focusing on what we don’t want to happen, rather than what we do want. What we focus on grows, so ironically, when we focus on a potential negative outcome, we energise and grow the possibility of the very thing we don’t want to happen. Sadness and depression can be the result of unexpressed anger, now turned inward. If this continues over a prolonged period, it can impact on the body physically. Reflection brings clarity in the murky waters of the unconscious mind. Then wisdom can shine through.

It’s your friend
Ultimately, your emotions serve as a gateway to your intuitive self and by befriending your emotions, honouring and valuing them, you can access your own inner wisdom. The more you attend to your emotions as subtle messages, the stronger your intuitive ability grows. This way you are more in touch with your inner guidance and that is a priceless gift.

It’s contagious
Emotions are contagious and tend to rub off. Your unconscious mind; your emotional mind is very sensitive and picks up very easily on the subtleties of feelings of the people around you. In fact, it doesn’t really distinguish between your feelings and mine. It all becomes intertwined and connected as one, because at the level of the unconscious mind, we are one. So we can be dragged down or uplifted. Equally, we can have a dulling or uplifting effect on others. Being aware of it gives us choices.

It’s has vibrations
We have all walked into a room and sensed the vibes. You can feel the tension or the lightness. Emotions have vibrations. Some, like stress and fear, are dense and low in vibration. Others, like love and joy, are light and high in vibrations. Higher vibrations are naturally more uplifting and expansive.

It’s a human experience
It is natural and human to experience the whole range of emotions. One day you may feel optimistic and positive, and then comes a day when you feel low for no apparent reason. Be willing to experience the whole range of human emotions. Don’t resist lower emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt. What you resist persists. You don’t have to dwell in the lower emotions. Here we may experience blame or resistance or force or struggle against the flow of life. Flow through the experience with awareness and intention to move back up into positive emotions. Releasing resistance and taking responsibility, begin to tip us into positive emotions. Practicing acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness helps us to transcend the ego and become more of our true higher selves. Clarity brings wisdom and previously evasive emotions of unconditional love, joy and peace are experienced again as our true natural state. Youthfulness and good health – also our natural state – returns.

It’s an indicator of consciousness
Emotional levels are levels of consciousness. Where you dwell in emotions, you dwell in consciousness. Consciousness controls the health in your body.

If you dwell in lower emotions too long, you can experience apathy and your energy becomes more contracted and solid. You can’t make decisions because you resist change. You want things to stay the same. You are motivated by safety and security. Stress and fear makes you ill.

Higher up in positive emotions of willingness, gratitude, excitement and enthusiasm, there’s more movement and flow in energy. You become more expansive and you have more space to create. You are driven by meaning and purpose. You feel energised and healthy. You come into your own power, and abundance is a natural outflow. More on this link between emotions, health and consciousness in our next blog.

What can you do about it?
Time Line Therapy™, facilitates gentle, yet powerful processes to enable you to heal emotions of the past. Emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt keep us attached to the past and as we heal these emotions, we set ourselves free from the past; free to create a new magnificent life.

I can highly recommend Time Line Therapy™ for a complete clear-out of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. It’s transformational and rapidly speeds up your personal evolution. As a great self-help tool, you can listen to a Mindfulness Healing Meditation listed under our Products page. It is an inner journey that you can make for your own emotional healing as often as you want to release emotions and achieve lightness.

Join our next Lightworker Activation Course to experience deep healing. This course takes you on an in-depth journey through the chakras – the energy centres of the body. Old patterns of fear, pain, self-doubt and negative thought forms are released. As the darkness goes, the light can set in. New positive thought forms are adopted and resources are activated that’s been lying latent inside of you all along. A unique and exciting experience – participants blossom as they open up to their higher abilities and energy sensitivity. This course starts on 12th September – book now to ensure your space. All details are on our Events Calendar.

Join our next Meditation Course in Lancaster. We lift the veils of illusion, take a peek into the unseen, share ancient wisdom and consult ground-breaking science, enabling you to see the world in a whole new way. You will grow in clarity and transform as a person. Again, all details are on the Events Calendar.