3-Day Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth Programme

02/02/2018 @ 10:00 am – 16/02/2018 @ 5:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
At home
45 St James Gardens
Leyland PR26 7XB

Join me in making 2018 your year of success and growth. Take your personal transformation to another level with this

3-Day Personal Transformation and Accelerated Growth Programme

What is the process of personal transformation in life?
Life is a process of learning and growth towards enlightenment. Sometimes it takes a lifetime filled with challenges to make any significant progress. We call it Karma. You can dramatically accelerate the process of personal transformation and clear your karma by means of Time Line Therapy™ techniques. Time Line Therapy™ techniques combined with Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) are designed for personal transformation and accelerated growth thus a priceless opportunity for anyone. To really move ahead, you have to be at peace with your past. This means dealing with the baggage that we’ve accumulated and changing our patterns. Sometimes we think we’ve dealt with it, but we’ve only suppressed it. Once the past is healed, we focus on confidence-building and empowering self-belief. Then you are ready to step into your true power and create your future by means of powerful goals-setting and visualisation.

The complete process on the path of transformation and growth is as follows:

  1. Healing and releasing negative emotions and baggage from the past. These are anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and any past trauma,
  2. Letting go of limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling confident and achieving the success you want; developing empowering beliefs and natural confidence instead,
  3. Clearing any internal conflict so you can feel integrated and aligned along your future vision,
  4. Healing relationships by being at peace with everyone around you. This also means facing and taking responsibility for your perceptions and projections. Sometimes it takes forgiveness. People around us simply mirror our issues and enforce our karma. Blame is disempowering and keep us in victim-state. There is no one outside of us to blame. They only play a role for our learning. When we take the learning to heart and change our perceptions, everything changes and we can move ahead,
  5. Making a new beginning; a fresh start. Having resolved the issues of the past, you are now free to create your ideal future by means of a magical goal-setting and visualisation process that ensures results every time.

Time Line Therapy™ works with the Unconscious Mind, which stores past memories and emotions as clusters of similar types, called gestalts. With Time Line Therapy™, the gestalt, which causes the repeat of patterns (Karma), can be accessed to learn from. Patterns repeat until we learn the lessons, then the Karma is done. Learning brings our unconscious programmes into conscious awareness, allowing us to make adjustments in our choices. With new insights, the old repeating patterns stop and you are then free to create a new reality and advance on your path.

Facilitator: Narina Riskowitz, Transformational Therapist and Soul Coach
Date: Fridays, 2nd February, 9th February and 16th February 2018
Time: 10:00am to 5pm
Venue: 45 St James Gardens, Leyland PR26 7XB, UK

Your investment £245-00 all inclusive

Run as a small group, booking is essential

To reserve your place, email: narina@brightfuturenow.co.uk or phone 079 865 845 73

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