Chakra Activation

Laying the Foundation for Mastery through Sacred Chakra Activation

Accelerate your evolution with our healing sessions, in person or online, aimed at addressing specific issues and activating your chakras, whether the seven main chakras or the new Sacred Chakras. These powerful healing and activation sessions also activate your DNA and open you up to your higher gifts.

When your 7 chakras are open and healthy, you may be ready for the activation of your 5 higher sacred chakras. Having  all 12 chakras fully activated, furthers your transformation and enlightenment. You will be able to house and channel more higher vibrational light and open up to the gifts of the higher mind. 

How will you benefit?

Energy healing; clearing any emotional, karmic and ancestral issues
Increased vital energy
Increased manifestation capability
Refined Intuition
Connection to your Higher Self
Connection to higher knowledge.

What else will you learn?

The functions of the new 5 Sacred Chakras
Advanced protection techniques
Advanced grounding techniques and practices
Advanced auric scanning and aura healing techniques.

Your investment: £50.00 a session

To book your Sacred Chakra Activation, email: [email protected]

Or you can book and pay online with our paypal link:

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