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We are inviting you to join us on the One Day Mindfulness Retreat at the Xaverian Centre in Preston on Sunday 30th June. It’s a spacious venue, so bring the family or a friend. Take some time out to relax, clear the mind and really get into the present moment. We’ll share food, easy Tai-Chi and mindful movement in a tranquil space. All details are below as well as the latest blog on the benefits of mindfulness and the great practice of living in the present moment.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been proven to counteract stress, depression and anxiety, boost your health and increase happiness. Join us in experiencing mindfulness practices to help you reset your mind to its natural relaxed, creative state.

That Busy Human Mind

It has been proven that TRUE happiness depends on the state of our minds and our consciousness, not external factors such as money, materialistic items, jobs or other people.

The human mind tends to create a continuous stream of senseless thoughts. We think about what has happened in the past, what will happen in the future and what might not ever happen at all. This mental state where the mind wanders, has been called our mind’s “default mode of operation”.

Studies have also showed that those whose minds were focused on the present moment (being MINDFUL), were significantly happier than those who were operating in “default mode”.

It’s not easy, but the practice is surprisingly simple. Join us in creating peace, happiness and good health.

For full details and to book your space visit the Events Calendar.

How does Mindfulness promote mental health?

For more on the benefits of Mindfulness, read the full blog below.


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