Ho’oponopono – Cutting Connections

A powerful healing meditation that will transform and heal all of your relationships. Also useful to free yourself from residual energy after you have interacted with people. In this way you can put the past behind you and relate to those around you in a meaningful way. I use this fairly frequently to overcome any tension, conflict or negative emotions and to clear my energy field after intense interaction. This meditation is adapted from an ancient Huna healing which has recently become more mainstream, called Ho’oponopono. It means: To make right, to make really right. It is based on four simple and powerful statements: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.
Produced by Narina Riskowitz
Music by Ruhan Kapoor

Here we describe the process first and then follows the meditation:

Free Download
Note: Depending on the internet browser you’re using, occassionally the download link opens a new page and the meditation plays rather than downloads. If this happens, Right click on the duration bar, and select “Save Audio As..

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