Advanced Meditation Course (Lancaster)- a 7 Week Journey of Self-Mastery

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05/03/2019 @ 6:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
Venue to be confirmed
Narina Riskowitz

So you’ve been on a path of personal transformation for a while now. You have undertaken the upward journey of personal development and growth through the Chakras and have learnt the lessons of life. You have come through into the light. Now you are ready for Mastery.

Join us on this unique 7-step journey of drawing down the light through all the Chakras – a journey of Self-Mastery – mastering all aspects of the enlightened self: mind, body, emotions and soul, so you can be more of your true magnificent Self.

Self-Mastery – Program

Step 1  – Master the Laws of Energy 
Purpose, power and protection,
Master the Energy of Grounding, Connection with the Energy of the Earth, Energy for Physical Vitality,
Scanning, Clearing and Maintaining your Energy field – your Aura,
Move beyond fear and the need for security,
Embrace risk-taking and change,
Anchor in and live the new values; the new way of being on a new earth.
Step 2 – Master Your Emotions 
Master the Laws of Karma, of Non-judgment, Non-attachment and Acceptance,
Embrace acceptance and compassion as opportunity for Mastery,
Become the Wise Observer and move beyond Projection,
Embrace your creative energy to bring about abundance.
Step 3 – Master the Art of Manifestation 
Master the Laws of Creation, Manifestation and Abundance,
Know Thyself; Embrace and Live your own Uniqueness. Be a Masterful Creator.
Finally move beyond any perceived limitations and unleash your unlimited creative potential. Master true Higher Power for a Higher Purpose.
Step 4 – Master Heart-based Consciousness 
Master the Laws of Divine Love and Oneness,
Master Group Consciousness, Love, Joy, Peace, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness and Heart Expansion.
Step 5 – Master Your Conscious Mind; Your Thoughts 
Master the Laws of Attraction, Choice and Discipline,
Master the Secrets of Success – Focused intention, Disciplined thought and Mindfulness – Present moment awareness. Master Positive Communication, Authentic Self-expression and True Listening. Being true to yourself. Live your Life’s Purpose Masterfully.
Step 6 – Master Refined Intuitive Perception 
Master the Laws of Attention, Intention and Flow,
Master the Art of Visualisation,
Master attuning to your inner-tuition.
Step 7 – Master Your Higher Consciousness 
Master the Laws of Meditation and Higher Awareness,
Master the Gifts of Your Higher Mind: Telepathy, Distance and Magical Healing, Inner-knowing and Extra Sensory Perception,
Being your True Self Masterfully.
Interconnectedness/Oneness and Universal Consciousness.

Venue: Lancaster – exact venue to be confirmed

Date: Starting 5th March 2019 and running every Tuesday evenings for 7 consecutive weeks

Times: Tuesday evenings: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Facilitator: Narina Riskowitz, Tranformational Therapist and Soul Coach

Investement: £70-00 paid in advance or £15 per session paid on the night.

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