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New! Self-Mastery Coaching 

Have you been on your path of personal transformation and spiritual growth for a while now, worked through most of your old fears and doubts, and learnt many lessons of life? Then you are ready for the great work – that of Mastery.

Our premium Coaching Program takes Personal Development to an advanced level of Self-mastery. To be the Master of your own Self is to fully understand who you really are. It is a discovery of the wizard within. Designed to empower you to open up and step into your true power and magnificence. You’ll know when you are ready. Click here for full details.

Soul Coaching 
Our signature 7 Steps Program  “Lifting the Veils of Illusion” © is an all-encompassing journey of personal development and spiritual growth. Experience powerful transformational processes and gain valuable insights. You will see the world in a whole new way and experience events in your life aligning and unfolding magically.

Why Soul Coaching?
Take your transformation and evolution to another level, grow in enlightenment and live purposefully.

Current offer: £360-00 for 6 sessions and a follow-up session. To book your Soul Coaching Program, email: [email protected] or phone 079 865 845 73 or you can book and pay online with our PayPal link:

NLP Coaching
NLP – Neuro-linguistic Programming – is how to use the mind’s own language to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes. Experience a professionally guided process that takes you from where you are to where you want to be in your career, business and personal life, whilst focusing on your unique development needs. Using NLP techniques, coaching cultivates a success mind-set by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes. We take a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of your life, allowing you to achieve balance, success and increased performance.

Why NLP Coaching?
When you want to be more successful, uncover your true potential and feel personally empowered, then this rewarding coaching program is for you.

As a result of the coaching program, people feel they:

  • Are more effective and productive in their role and area of expertise
  • Have direction and feel a sense of purpose
  • Have improved focus and decision-making ability
  • Think more strategically
  • Are more flexible and creative
  • Are more confident and self-assured
  • Experience improved communication skills
  • Enjoy positive relationships
  • Reduce stress and increase health and well-being
  • Benefit from feedback, perspective, and objectivity that enable them to achieve more.

 What does the NLP Coaching process entail?
A tailored NLP Coaching process is moulded around your own unique personal development needs and therefore enables you to:

  • Identify and set goals
  • Uncover your unique motivational drivers and values, and in business align these with company values
  • Identify and address any processes, doubts or self-limiting beliefs impacting on your progress
  • Be more structured, organised and in control
  • Gain insight in yourself and tap into your true potential
  • Cultivate a success mind-set, adopt empowering beliefs and enhance confidence
  • Utilise powerful visualisation processes to achieve your goals

How does NLP Coaching work?
Coaching is provided on a one-on-one basis and is driven by the objectives and concerns of the client. An initial consultation session sets the framework and coaching agreement and desired outcomes. Are you further  afield? Skype sessions facilitated too, just ask.

Who can benefit from NLP Coaching?
Individuals and business groups who:

  • Value their own personal development and growth
  • Want to take their performance and achievement to a higher level
  • Are starting new ventures, expanding, going through change and are reinventing themselves.

What does it cost?
Individual coaching sessions start at £60 a session. There are a variety of different coaching packages and fees vary. Skype sessions available too. Please just ask.

What next?
Coaching is for your career, your life and your future and will equip you with tools and techniques that you can use consistently. The resulting empowerment and transformation is lasting. You will be a different person looking at life in a whole new way.

To book your NLP Coaching session, email: [email protected]

or phone 079 865 845 73 Or you can book and pay online with our PayPal link:



Personal Breakthrough Sessions
Experience transformation beyond expectation in a matter of hours. Unleash hidden potential and ignite an amazing journey towards achieving big goals.

This empowering process is also great if you experience issues such as self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship issues, anxiety, money worries, health issues and negative emotions or limiting beliefs.

A Personal Breakthrough Session will reshape your life and career path and enable significant performance enhancements, paving the way to success.

It is a powerful process of personal discovery, designed to create significant shifts at the conscious as well as the unconscious level, leaving you free to move forward and achieve success. Using the most up to date behavioural change psychology available, Personal Breakthrough Sessions explore values (motivational drivers), beliefs, behaviours and thought patterns. A detailed personal profiling system provides useful insights in work relations and actions. Issues such as a lack of self-belief are addressed and desired outcomes put in place.

A Breakthrough Session is a single session that lasts 5-6 hours. It can be split over two sessions of which the first is a 2-3 hour in-depth discussion and the second session of 2-3 hours consists of tailored change work.

To book your Personal Breakthrough Session, email: [email protected]

or phone 079 865 845 73 Or you can book and pay online with our PayPal link:

Whole Life Coaching
“There is nothing more powerful than having someone focus 100% of their attention on your success. When that attention is given by a coach trained in NLP, the results can be magical.” (David Shephard – The Performance Partnership)

Enhancing all areas of your life, this rewarding programme identifies your unconscious drivers, key attitudes, beliefs and core competencies.

Shape a happy and purposeful life by adopting success habits, changing behaviours and communication styles, managing personal resources and planning a successful future.

You will view life in a whole new way, feeling motivated, confident and inspired.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Like most people, you’ve probably made decisions unconsciously in the past that are limiting you today, but how do you overcome them?
Discover how you turn around any limiting decisions that you made in the past into positive, empowering beliefs.

Your Future – The Way You Want It
Do you want to develop a better understanding of your life purpose?

Having resolved the issues of the past, you are now free to create your future dreams. Through powerful processes of practical goal-setting and visualisation, you can begin to take charge of your future and create the life of your dreams.

To book your Coaching session, email: [email protected]

or phone 079 865 845 73 Or you can book and pay online with our PayPal link:

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